Dave The Diver: How To Catch Giant Trevally

If you’re looking to catch the big one (and maybe get its fin for upgrades) this guide has you covered.

Dave The Diver: How To Catch Giant Trevally

In general, the bigger the fish you catch in Dave the Diver, the bigger the payout. Trevally are some of the biggest fish you can catch in the Giant Blue Hole, and you can't find a bigger Trevally than the Giant Trevally. These gentle giants float around lazily, making them easy targets for an enterprising fisherman.

You'll definitely want to find some Giant Trevally during your Dave the Diver journey. Not only are they a key ingredient in a very high-priced dish, but their fins are also required to upgrade your weapons, such as the underwater rifle and the sniper rifle. Read on to discover how to catch Giant Trevally in Dave the Diver.

Where To Find Giant Trevally In Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver: How To Catch Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally can be found in the Blue Hole at medium depths between 50m and 130m. They're not particularly hard to spot as they're large, slow, and gray, although this can sometimes allow them to blend into the rocks.

These big fish are fairly common in the early chapters of Dave the Diver, but sometimes won't spawn in the later chapters. They can be found in singles or pairs, but never greater than two at a time.

Because Giant Trevally become somewhat rarer during later chapters, it's best to harvest Giant Trevally as much as possible in earlier chapters .

How To Catch Giant Trevally

Like other large fish in Dave the Diver such as sharks or rays, Giant Trevally cannot be placed in Dave's inventory after being harpooned. Instead, he has to kill the fish with the Harpoon or other firearm, capture it using the Net Gun, or put it to sleep using the Hush Dart. Afterward, the meat can be harvested using Dave's Diving Knife or the entire fish can be taken to your fish tank via the Salvage Drone.

The best way to harvest Giant Trevally is to capture one using the Net Gun and then drag it away with the Salvage Drone . This provides the highest quality and quantity of Trevally meat and provides the greatest chance of obtaining a Giant Trevally Fin.

Here's how much Giant Trevally you'll acquire through the three methods listed above.

Capture Method



Killed, harvested with knife


2 Stars

Killed, harvested with drone


2 Stars

Captured with Net Gun or Hush Dart, harvested with drone


3 Stars

How To Find Giant Trevally Fin

Dave The Diver: How To Catch Giant Trevally

Besides providing a significant amount of fish meat to sell at the restaurant, Giant Trevally also has a chance to drop their fins. Giant Trevally Fins are a rare drop obtained from harvesting Giant Trevally. The chances are low but become higher when harvested using the Net Gun, Hush Dart, and Salvaging Drone.

Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee a Giant Trevally Fin will drop . You'll just have to keep catching and harvesting Giant Trevally until you get their fins.

Giant Trevally Fins are a sought-after ingredient for crafting better weapons. You'll need at least nine Giant Trevally Fins in order to upgrade several weapons to tier three. Those weapons are listed below:

  • Underwater Rifle III (3)
  • Quatro Axel II (3)
  • Red Sniper Rifle III (3)

Recipes That Require Giant Trevally

Dave The Diver: How To Catch Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally is used in two recipes, listed below:

  • Giant Trevally Sushi — 1 Giant Trevally Meat
  • Trevally Sandwich — 5 Giant Trevally Meat, 5 Bigeye Trevally, 2 Cucumber

The Trevally Sandwich is acquired after the Cucumber Party event and can be an excellent dish for any future renditions of the Cucumber Party. It can also be a highly lucrative dish , requiring two easily farmable fish and a single vegetable.

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