Dave The Diver: How To Get Iron Ore

Learn how to obtain iron ore in Dave the Diver with our guide.

Dave The Diver: How To Get Iron Ore

As your sushi restaurant grows in Dave the Diver, you'll need better equipment that can help you acquire tastier ingredients and fight off the fierce foes that await you in the deep. To that end, you should collect all the materials you can in each dive, with Iron Ore being no small requirement.

A range of ores is available in the ocean just outside your sushi restaurant, but it's easy to mix up Iron Ore with its slightly darker counterpart, Lead Ore. However, once you're used to locating and gathering Iron Ore, you can craft more powerful weapons to help your business succeed.

How To Get Iron Ore

Dave The Diver: How To Get Iron Ore

To find Iron Ore, you'll need to know where it is most likely to spawn, which is within the first 150 meters of the water's depth. After that point, gems and other high-quality materials will begin to spawn as you notice the water shift noticeably darker.

The spawns are randomized , but the Iron Ore will stay within its boundary.

While it can be hard to tell the difference at first glance, Iron Ore is a light gray when compared to the darker gray Lead Ore. Once you notice the ore, you can either hit it with a pickaxe, a strong melee weapon you've found, or your upgraded knife.

Dave The Diver: How To Get Iron Ore

Once you've harvested the Iron Ore, you can add it to your storage and take it back with you when you leave. Like other materials and fish, you will lose all materials but one if you run out of oxygen while underwater.

Iron Ore's weight sits at 0.4 kg but can begin to add up if you find multiple deposits.

The Iron Ore is used to create and upgrade weapons like the Red Sniper Rifle, which can be a great help in taking down some of the tougher beasts roaming the ocean.

Dave The Diver: How To Get Iron Ore

Since it's such an important material in crafting certain weapons, and it's relatively lightweight, you may want to consider collecting the material anytime you see it. If you want to construct multiple upgraded versions of the same gun, you'll need at least twice as much Iron Ore.

With the Iron Ore being relatively easy to access from the surface, you should be able to take a quick dip and find what you need on most expeditions.

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