Dave The Diver: How To Get Topaz

Looking for Topaz to make some high-level gear? We’ve got you covered.

Dave The Diver: How To Get Topaz

Dave the Diver is all about progression. You first find the fish you need to sell to buy new gear which then lets you dive deeper to find better fish and rarer ingredients. Eventually, mere money won't be enough to upgrade your harpoon gun and diving suit. You'll need to find rare minerals like Aquamarine, Torbenite, and above all, Topaz.

Topaz is extremely important in Dave the Diver. You'll need it to upgrade both the Large Net Gun and the Hush Dart Gun, not to mention the fearsome Death Sniper Rifle. If you're looking to upgrade your arsenal, here's how you can find all the Topaz you'll ever need.

Where To Find Topaz In Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver: How To Get Topaz

Topaz is found in only one spot in the game: the Glacial Area. You'll reach the Glacial Area in chapter six near the end of the game, so it's not a bad idea to put the story progression on hold in order to explore this frozen area.

In order to explore the Glacial Area, you'll need to have unlocked the Cold-Resistant Diving Suit . You'll get this after infiltrating the Sea Blue base and retrieving the Tech Suit Part for Dr. Bacon.

There are six spots where Topaz can spawn in the Glacial Area. Three are on the left side of the map in the frozen maze. The other three spots are on the right side of the map on several jutting cliff faces.

The middle part of the Glacial Area is just open water filled with sharks, narwhals, and fish, without any harvestable minerals.

A good way to check every potential spot where Topaz can spawn is to first swim to the left side to thoroughly scour the frozen maze, then swim to the right side of the map to check the cliffs, harvesting high-tier fish for your sushi restaurant along the way.

These spots don't always spawn Topaz or other harvestable minerals on every dive. You can probably expect four out of the six spots to have a harvestable ore vein on any given dive.

What You Need To Harvest Topaz

Dave The Diver: How To Get Topaz

You'll need several items to harvest Topaz in the Glacial area. The required items are listed below.

  • Dive Knife lvl 3or a Pickaxe
  • Cold-Resistant Diving Suit

The Cold-Resistant Diving Suit is obtained as part of the opening missions of chapter six. You'll need to infiltrate the Sea Blue base to retrieve the Tech Suit Part for Dr. Bacon.

A Pickaxe can potentially be found in any of the yellow cases scattered across the map. It's possible to find a Pickaxe in the yellow cases found on the left or right sides of the Glacial Area, or in the preceding areas before reaching the Sea People Village.

However, the best way to mine materials consistently is to upgrade the Dive Knife to level three. This will require spending $3,000 on the level two upgrade, and a further $7,200 upgrading the Dive Knife to level three, for a total of $10,200.

You can upgrade your Diving Equipment via the iDiver app on your in-game smartphone.

What You Can Make With Topaz In Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver: How To Get Topaz

You'll need Topaz to make several high-level weapons in Dave the Diver. Here is a list of weapons that require Topaz and how many Topaz you'll need to craft them.


Topaz Required

Death Rifle


Penta Axel


Death Sniper Rifle


Steel Net Gun


Modified Hush Dart


The Steel Net Gun and the Modified Hush Dart are both great weapons for capturing high-level fish . Many fish in the Glacial area are difficult to catch with the Harpoon Gun, and even if you do, they won't be at a full three-star quality.

The Death Sniper Rifle is also extremely helpful against certain boss enemies , such as the Great White Shark Klaus and the Helicorpion .

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