Destiny 2: What Is Fireteam Power?

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has brought a host of QOL improvements, but none of them is as impactful as the Fireteam Power. It essentially lets you experience endgame activities without the need to grind the required Power Level as long as you have someone on your fireteam already has it.

This means that you can run Raids, Exotic Missions, Dungeons, Nightfalls, etc. even if you are at the Soft Cap or below. However, please note that the Fireteam Power is not enabled for every endgame activity. We expect Bungie to push it to other activities in the future, but for now, your options are limited.

Fireteam Power, Explained

Destiny 2: What Is Fireteam Power?

When you join a fireteam, theGuardian with the highest Power Level becomes the Power Leader. This allows the rest of the fireteam members to automatically be at five Power Levels below the Power Leader — unless you are already higher than that.

For instance, if you are at 2,000 Power Level and a couple of your friends joined you at 1,950 Power Level, they will be brought up to 1995 — five below the Power Leader.

There is no need to upgrade your weapons as well. Previously, even if you were at the Pinnacle Cap but had a slightly under-leveled weapon, it would deal less damage. This is now completely changed due to the Fireteam Power. This also means that there is no more sunsetting since the Fireteam Power completely nullifies it. Feel free to dust off your favorite weapons from the Vault and give them a whirl.

To see your team’s Fireteam Power , check the bottom-right corner of the screen, and it should say Adjust Power right above the launch button.

Power Bands

Destiny 2: What Is Fireteam Power?

With the release of The Final Shape, there is a new Power Band for you to chase. Bungie has increased the Power Floor to 1,900, which means every item you have is on that Power Floor. Furthermore, getting to the Soft Cap now only requires 40 additional Power Levels, which is a substantial decrease compared to previous expansions.

Also, if you complete The Final Shape campaign on Legendary, you will get a complete set of 1,960 gear, making it significantly easier to work towards the Powerful / Pinnacle cap.

  • Power Floor: 1,900
  • Soft Cap: 1,940
  • Powerful Cap:1,990
  • Pinnacle Cap: 2,000

Lastly, there is Account-wide Power now, which means it is easier than ever to level up your other two characters. Anydrop on one of your characters is relative to the highest Power Level character you have.

Artifact Bonus Power

Destiny 2: What Is Fireteam Power?

This has largely stayed the same. However, there are a lot more Seasonal Challenges to do now. This change should allow you to grind your Artifact Power if you are a couple of Power Levels under the Hard Cap.

Understanding Activity Power

Destiny 2: What Is Fireteam Power?

Activities in The Final Shape are divided into two categories: Power Disabled and Power Enabled.

Power Disabled activities include things like Campaign, Seasonal Story Missions, Crucible, Destinations, etc. These do not require you to be at a certain Power Level to play.

Power Enabled activities, on the other hand, require you to be at a certain Power Level. Moreover, these also have an Activity Power Cap which basically caps you at a certain level. These include:



Vanguard Ops, Seasonal Activities, Exotic Missions, Raids, and Dungeons.

Advanced (Hero)



Expert (Legend)


Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Seasonal Activities, Exotic Missions.



Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Raids, and Dungeons.




Contest Mode


Raid during the first 48 hours.

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