Destiny 2: Where In The Tower Is Archie Quest Guide

Where in the Tower is Archie? Let’s go find them.

Destiny 2: Where In The Tower Is Archie Quest Guide

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Everyone's favorite robot dog, Archie, has decided to explore the various patrol spaces in Destiny 2 with the recent Into the Light update. Each week from now until The Final Shape, Archie will make a short expedition to one of Destiny 2's core destinations. If you can find them, you'll be rewarded with a new Shader and exclusive Grimoire lore.

Archie's first expedition will take you to the Tower, a familiar home for all Guardians. You'll need to explore some long-forgotten secret areas to find Archie this week, so let's get straight to it. Here is where you can find Archie in the "Where in the Tower is Archie?" quest for Destiny 2: Into the Light.

Where In The Tower Is Archie?

Everyone's favorite robot dog is missing from its usual perch in the Tower. Make your way to the Annex in the Tower to start the quest. If you visit Archie's usual spot—the storage rooms across from Ada's armor synthesis station—you'll find a set of holographic paw prints. Interact with them, then speak with Ada next door. This will start the quest "Where in the Tower is Archie?" and hint at Archie's first location.

The quest will ask you to find Archie in four distinct areas in the Tower. You'll find the robot dog in these spots:

  1. In the ramen shop in the Bazaar. It's across from Ikora.
  2. Next to Cayde's memorial statue beside the Ironwood Tree, found in the Courtyard.
  3. In front of Cayde's chicken in the Hangar. It's next to Amanda Holiday's old shop.
  4. Found past a hidden air duct near the entrance of the Hangar. It's the same path as the Leviathan's Breath quest in Shadowkeep.

Ramen Shop Location

Archie had a strong craving for noodles when Ada last saw them. You'll find the ramen shop in the Tower Bazaar. It's across from Ikora and near the stairs that lead to the courtyard. Walk into the small shop and interact with the holographic paw prints.

Famous Gunslinger Location

The famous gunslinger mentioned in the quest is none other than Cayde-6. You can find Cayde's memorial on the southeast corner of the Tower Courtyard, located right next to the Ironwood Tree. Interact with the paw prints to deduce Archie's next point of interest.

Feathered Friend Location

It seems that Archie learned of Cayde's feathered friend, the Colonel. You can find Cayde's chicken in the Tower Hangar. Right after you descend the stairs, head slightly to your right to find the chicken; it's near Amanda Holiday's old vehicle shop. Interact with the prints once again to uncover Archie's final stop.

Open Air Duct Duct Location

This location is somewhat tricky to reach. The open air duct is directly above the Hangar entrance. You'll need to climb the stairs on the northern end of the hangar and follow the catwalk south to reach it. Once it appears to hit a dead end, jump across to a platform above the entry stairs. You'll see a massive air duct you can walk through.

You should now be in a hidden social space. From this room, turn around and enter the smaller air duct. This will lead you to the security checkpoint just before you reach the Hangar. You'll find Archie next to a security bot. Give Archie the love they deserve, and they should return to their original spot in the Annex. Speak to Ada-1 when you're done to finish the quest and the related "Where in the System is Archie?" Triumph.

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