Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Alarming Development Quest Walkthrough

The most adorable alarm clocks you’ve ever seen.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Alarming Development Quest Walkthrough

There are dozens of iconic Disney and Pixar characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including the very special Oswald. This lucky rabbit has a few tricks up his sleeve and enjoys a bit of mischief in the village. Regardless of his good intentions, things tend to go awry around him. He catches a lucky break when you step up to help him out, though!

This time, he's been having trouble waking up on time. Unfortunately, the alarm clocks he gets are a bit more chaotic than he is. We'll help you track down each of his runaway alarm clocks and make amends to the villagers he wakes up.

How To Unlock An Alarming Development Friendship Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Alarming Development Quest Walkthrough

To unlock this quest, you must increase your friendship with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to level four. Both Stitch and Olaf must be unlocked as well, otherwise the quest will not start.

Speak to Oswald to start the quest. He's been oversleeping and missing brunches with Stitch, so he asks if you can make him some alarm clocks to help him wake up on time. Not just one, but several unique alarm clocks that will wake him on time.

How To Make The Alarm Clocks

Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Alarming Development Quest Walkthrough

To help Oswald, you'll need to craft special alarm clocks for him. These will take a bit of work to collect all the materials, but thankfully, we've got you covered.

Crafting The Alarm Clocks

To craft a set of Oswaldian Alarm Clocks, you'll need to gather the following materials:

  • Mechanical Parts (35)
  • Bronze Ingots (15)
  • Plastic Scraps (50)
  • Zinc (10)

Everything you need can be found on Eternity Isle . Bronze Ignots and Mechanical Parts can be crafted.

Once you have the materials, head to your Crafting Station and put them all together to make the Oswaldian Alarm Clocks. Bring them to Oswald and he'll thank you.

Wait about ten minutes to check back in with Oswald to see how everything is going. Unfortunately, the alarm clocks have escaped and you'll need to track them down.

Alarm Clock Locations

At first, there are seven alarm clocks that escape. You can ask Oswald for more information, but we've added a table below with all the Alarm Clocks' locations.

Alarm Clock Name



Near the Docks in Ancient's Landing.


Near the Oasis in the Glittering Dunes.

Texas Tommy

Near the Promenade in the Wild Tangle.

Lindy Hop

Near the Plains in the Glittering Dunes.


Near the Wastes in the Glittering Dunes.


Near the Grasslands in the Wild Tangle.


Near the Lagoon in the Wild Tangle.

Watch the clock's running patterns to put yourself in their path. You'll have to act quickly to catch them!

Return these clocks to Oswald to learn that there are three more hiding out on Eternity Isle. Thankfully, these aren't running around, but you'll need to use your Royal Tools to capture them.

Alarm Clock Name


Royal Tool Used


Swimming in gold fishing bubbles by the Docks in Ancient's Landing.

Royal Fishing Rod


Under a rock in the Lagoon in the Wild Tangle.

Royal Pickaxe


Under an umbrella in the Borderlands in the Glittering Dunes.

Royal Shovel

If you're having trouble finding the clocks, listen for the ticking sounds!

Bring the last of the Alarm Clocks to Oswald to start planning a way to calm them down. You figure that Olaf might be able to help, so talk to him about a bedtime story.

Meet Olaf and Oswald in Oswald's house and listen to Olaf's story. The clocks will fall asleep and stay that way.

Making Oswald's Black (And White) Coffee

With the clocks finally calmed, it's time to talk to Oswald about his antics. To make amends for waking all the villagers up, he offers to make them a special coffee brew. You'll need to gather:

  • Coal (40)
  • Pearls (28)

Oswald will provide you with four cloves of Oswaldian Garlic. Head to your Crafting Station to make Oswald's Black (and White) Coffee to give to the sleepy villagers. There are four villagers in need of coffee:

  • Merlin
  • Rapunzel
  • Gaston
  • Scrooge McDuck

After giving them their drinks, return to Oswald to see what else needs to be done.

How To Prepare The Friendship Picnic

Oswald has one last thing to do because he feels bad about missing his brunches with Stitch. He wants to create a friendship picnic to show Stitch how much their friendship means.

Decorate a place to prepare the Friendship Picnic for Oswald while he goes to get Stitch. You'll need to decorate with the following pieces of furniture:

  • White Furniture (2)
  • Black Furniture (2)
  • Quirky Furniture (2)
  • Seats (2)

Get creative to make a fun place for the two of them to enjoy!

Once the picnic is prepared, talk to Oswald about it. He'll give you a Cartoon Parasol to place at the picnic. Open the furniture menu and place it by your newly decorated space.

When you the furniture menu, you'll be prompted to take a commemorative photo with Oswald and Stitch. Do so, then check in with Oswald to wrap up the quest and earn your rewards.

You'll get additional friendship points and one of the very special Alarm Clocks as a decoration.

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