Dragon’s Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

Make your journeys in Dragon’s Dogma 2 a whole lot shorter.

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

If you are new to the Dragon's Dogma series, then travel may prove frustrating for you. Most games allow instant fast travel at zero cost. In Dragon's Dogma, there are only a select few ways to travel, and they are by no means free and instant.

If you don't have any ferrystones and find yourself always losing resources during travel, we have a few tips that can help you as you explore the wilderness. Travelling in Dragon's Dogma isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult either.

5 Use An Oxcart To Avoid Multiple Battles During Travel

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

Wandering the land of Vermund will be exciting for the first couple of towns, before you get tired of bumping into enemy after enemy. You should use oxcarts to decrease travel time and increase your time in towns and completing quests.

Every town will have oxcarts at each entrance. The destination of an oxcart is dependent on which entrance it is at. Oxcart travel does not prevent you from ending up in a fight, but using an oxcart trades multiple small fights for one big fight.

Snoozing in an oxcart fast forwards halfway to your destination for a fight with something like a cyclops, griffin, or a band of goblins. Snoozing the rest of the way will fast-forward you to your destination in less time than traveling by foot.

With an oxcart, you avoid unnecessary tribulations like enemies at every corner and you avoid getting lost. At the cost of around 200 gold and one fight, you can reach your destination within minutes.

4 Only Travel During The Day

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

Travelling by night is more dangerous than travelling by day. Different types of enemies spawn at night that are much tougher to handle. During the night, phantom-like enemies spawn that cannot be damaged by melee attacks. These phantom-like enemies require magic to defeat.

Aside from increased danger, it is also difficult to find your way at night. Even with lanterns on for everyone in your party, you won't be able to see where you're going.

If you do find yourself outside at night, you should make sure you have a camping kit on you. Camps can be set at designated camping grounds. This will look like any unused campfire, with stones in a circle, off a beaten path. Using a camping kit at these designated locations allows you and your team to rest and fast-forward to the morning.

Sleeping with a camping kit heals all party members and allows you to equip skills.

3 Save Your Ferrystones For Longer Distances

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

As you loot treasure chests and complete quests, you will find yourself with a ferrystone or two in your inventory. Using a ferrystone in your inventory will initiate fast travelling. You can only fast-travel to towns that have activated portcrystals. When you are out on a quest, you should not use a ferrystone just because you don't feel like walking the rest of the way.

Ferrystones are not a common material to come by, and cost a good amount of gold otherwise. If you use them whenever you have to go anywhere, you won't have access to fast travel when you are truly very far from your objective or lost and low health.

This is why you should save your ferrystones for long distances only. Fast travel when you have to travel two or more settlements away, or if you are really in a bind. It also a good idea to save ferrystones for the endgame, where travel between settlements is much, much harder.

There are also portable portcrystals you can place at locations that do not have portcrystals.

2 Higher Pawns With More Experience

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

If you keep the same pawns you had two towns back, then you are doing yourself a disservice. You should hire new, higher-level pawns every time you come upon a new area. Experienced pawns that are even one or two levels higher than you are likely to have completed quests that you have not.

When exploring a new part of the map, you won't know where to go, and an experienced pawn will actually lead you to objectives and give you hints on what to do in town.

1 Plan Ahead

Dragon's Dogma 2: 5 Tips For Travelling Around The Map

Most importantly, plan for your journey. You should compare the locations of each quest you have, and find out which quests you can complete within one single traveling route. This prevents you from getting lost or having to do too much back and forth.

You should plan which quests you are hitting after you reach the objective of the current one. When preparing for travel, you should also make sure you have ferrystones on you, or at least camping supplies.

Planning ahead involves combining all the above tips to make your traveling the most efficient and less complicated.

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