Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Noble Exchange Quest Walkthrough

Will you enjoy the party or wind up in gaol?

Dragon's Dogma 2: A Noble Exchange Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll spend plenty of time in Vernworth working with Captain Brant. During your time together, you'll be sent to infiltrate one of many masquerade parties being held on the palace grounds. These masquerades continue even after your mission, and there seems to be more afoot than just ballgowns and booze.

In fact, if you choose to attend a masquerade of your own accord, you may find yourself in the middle of an investigation. There are multiple outcomes, depending on whether you catch the culprit or get caught yourself. Here's everything you need to know for the best results!

This quest is affected by the passage of time! Once started, it must be completed before other quests can be done.

How To Start A Noble Exchange Quest

To unlock this quest, you must dress up in your Courtly Tunic, Courtly Breeches, and Eventide Mask to attend a masquerade at the palace after completing the Feast of Deception quest with Captain Brant.

When you arrive, head to the main hall, where you'll be greeted by a masked man who informs you that tonight is a special event. The guests will be giving each other gifts!

Remember this man! He wears a black mask that only covers his eyes and a red cape.

The stranger hands you the Paragon Staff and leaves you to the party. Wander around the hall to encounter several nobles who will give you gifts, like Fruit Wine, to enjoy the evening.

Eventually, after speaking to everyone, the guards will arrive and alert you to a thief in your midst. They've stolen the Paragon Staff, and no one is leaving until the culprit is found.

All Quest Outcomes

Depending on how you handle the situation, you can leave the masquerade in one of three ways. You can either apprehend the thief, clear suspicion, or be sent to gaol.

Sent To Gaol

The Paragon Staff is already in your possession, and if you get searched by the guards before you can do anything with it, you'll be sent to gaol. You won't get any rewards for failing to clear yourself of suspicion, and you'll need to break out of prison to continue your adventure.

You'll still gain 900XP for "completing" the quest, but you're stuck in prison.

Discard The Staff

If you want to get out without any trouble, you'll need to discard the staff. Head to the small back room behind the false wall, similar to how you reached the Rose Chateau in The Stolen Throne quest. Open your inventory and get rid of the staff here.

If you try to get rid of the staff where the guards can see you, they'll stop you and direct you back to the main hall.

Return to the main hall to have your belongings searched. The guards will find nothing and send you on your way. You'll walk away without the staff, but earn 3,000 gold for the trouble.

Apprehend The Thief

The guards have given you permission to apprehend the thief, which is the ideal course of action. Remember the masked man from earlier who gave you the staff? Tackle him in the main hall.

You can discard the Paragon Staff before apprehending Gunther to ensure you can buy it back from Ibrahim's Scrap Store later.

When you tackle him, he immediately confesses to the theft. The guards will then escort him to gaol. You'll be rewarded with 7,500 gold for catching the thief. If you have the Paragon Staff in your possession when you catch him, it will be confiscated.

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