Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Find And Defeat Lich

Here is how to find Lich boss and defeat it in the game.

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Find And Defeat Lich

The monsters in Dragon's Dogma 2 never rest, and you will find beasts roaming the land freely during the day and undead at night. Skeletons, phantoms, phantasms, and Stout Undead are nocturnal enemy types that can be killed easily, but undead bosses such as the Lich will require some strategy.

Lich is one of the flying undead sorcerers who has the potential to bring more undead to the boss fight. Similarly to how it's easier to kill Wights when you have some ranged tactics, you'll probably want a ranged strategy to defeat this boss, too.

How To Find Lich

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Find And Defeat Lich

The easiest way to find a Lich boss in the game is to go west from Bakbattahl during the nighttime. You will find a Lich flying in the air from west of the Crumbling Ruins cave. This is the same place where you will also encounter a couple of phantasms, skeletons, and zombies.

This boss fight is much easier than the one you find in the Tomb of Al’Guttos, which is located on the farthest west side of Bakbattahl.

Once you get near the Tomb of Al'Guttos, you will find a Drake roaming the waterfall. After that, look to the east, and you will notice the smoke from the campfire. Climb the platform, and you will find the entrance to the Tomb of Al’Guttos right after the campfire.

The Lich fight at the Tomb of Al’Guttos is difficult as the boss summons a Fell Lord to fight you. This is one of the toughest undead enemy types that must be dealt with immediately.

How To Defeat Lich



Tracking Orbs

The Lich summons a couple of orbs that track nearby targets.

Elemental Blast Orbs

The Lich will summon eight elemental orbs that detonate on impact.

Undead Summon Spell

If you or the pawns get too to Lich for melee attacks, the boss will cast an Undead Summon spell. This is visible from a purple aura below the boss, which brings more skeletons and zombies to the boss fight.

Summons or Revives A Fell Lord

The Lich will be accompanied by a Fell Lord, and if you kill it first, the boss will attempt to revive it. This is exclusive to the encounter in the Tomb of Al’Guttos.

Lich is an undead boss fight in the game, which means it is weak against Holy damage. Any Holy attack from the Holy buffed weapons for melee vocations and Holy magic such as Empyrean or High Empyrean magic spells will kill the boss faster.

Melee classes will not be of much use against a Lich because it stays in the air for the most part. You should bring at least one or two ranged vocations to deal damage. A Magick Archer or an Archer will do great damage against Lich.

Once the boss has taken enough damage, it will eventually fall to the ground, giving you the opportunity to deal melee damage. After defeating a Lich, you will get a Wailing Crystal will drop.

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