Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

Give your pawn a special skill to set them apart!

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

In Dragon's Dogma 2, your main pawn is your greatest ally. They will support you in combat, provide advice and guidance on quests, and gather items for you while traveling. They can also visit other Arisen to help them in their quests. One thing you can do to set your pawn apart is give them a specialization.

There are six specializations in total, and each allows your pawn to do something different. Collecting these, however, is harder than you'd think. You'll need to befriend specific NPCs to gain their favor and the proper tome to unlock each specialization. Thankfully, we've listed them all here.

How To Unlock Aphonite's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

If you prefer to travel in silence and don't want to hear all the different comments and observations about your environments, there's a tome that will teach your pawn to stay quiet.

In Vermund, head north of Borderwatch Outpost to find Eini's House. There you'll meet Eini, Eino, and their granddaughter Trysha. You'll want to speak to the older man, Eino, as he's the one with the Aphonite's Tome.

You may recognize him from the Spellbound quest , where you help his granddaughter with magic!

You'll need to befriend him before he gives you the tome, which means giving him gifts he likes. Oddly enough, Eino likes Expensive items and Rare items, which includes monster parts.

Bring him items like Minotaur Horns or Misshapen Eyes to boost his affinity.

After you gift him roughly three gifts over the course of a few days, speak with him to receive the tome and teach your pawn how to be quiet.

How To Unlock Chirurgeon's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

When you first reach Melve, you'll meet Flora outside the Inn and apothecary's shop. She'll ask you to bring her a Fruit Roborant, and after you deliver it to her, you'll find her again in Vernworth.

You can buy the Fruit Roborant or make it yourself!

You'll find Flora with Auriol, who gives you a discount at his shop. Speak to Flora again, and she'll give you the Chirurgeon's Tome, which allows your pawn to use curative items on the Arisen and other pawns.

This is incredibly useful in combat, and it makes your pawn more desirable to other Arisen.

How To Unlock Forager's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

The Forager's Tome is given by Malcom after helping him uncover the hidden vault underground in Vernworth during the Heel of History quest. Head to the slums to find him during the day and speak with him to obtain the tome.

If he doesn't hand it over shortly after completing the quest, you may need to give him a few gifts first. He likes Fancy items and Expensive items .

This tome allows your pawn to mark the map with areas you can find materials in. Those who love crafting will enjoy this specialization, as it makes locating ingredients much easier.

How To Unlock Hawker's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

The Hawker's Tome allows your pawn to start their own business, in a sense. They will offer to purchase items from your inventory for a small sum of gold, which can help you lighten your load and fill your pockets on the go.

Wandering merchants carry massive backpacks, making them easy to identify.

To obtain this tome, you'll need to max out your affinity with a wandering merchant. After you've done that, speak with them to obtain your tome and start your own business venture.

How To Unlock Logistician's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

Similar to unlocking the Forager's Tome, after completing the Heel of History quest, speak with Kendrick.

If at first he doesn't give you the tome, give him Expensive items or Rare items to boost his affinity for you, then try speaking with him again to obtain the Logistician's Tome.

This pawn specialization allows your main pawn to organize items across all inventories in your party. They'll combine items, discard ones you aren't using, and otherwise keep the party from carrying too much as they see fit.

Be warned, they may throw away or combine items you wanted to save.

How To Unlock Woodland Wordsmith's Tome

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Every Pawn Specialization

The elves are a reclusive bunch in Dragon's Dogma 2, and they can be found far north and a bit to the west of Vernworth, hidden in the mountains. The Woodland Wordsmith's Tome allows your pawn to translate the elven language for you.

It's vital to know how to understand elvish for several quests, like how to get the Archer vocation's ultimate skill .

Almost any of the elves in the Sacred Arbor will grant you the tome if you befriend them. Kough is easy to please with flowers, so bring her a bouquet of them every day for two to three days to receive the tome from her.

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