Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Get Fell Lord’s Bones

Find and defeat a Fell Lord and collect its bones with this guide.

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Fell Lord's Bones

The day and night cycle of Dragon's Dogma 2 presents all kinds of dangers to the Arisen and the pawns. You can find all kinds of beasts during the day, ranging from small-sized wolves to seemingly large cyclops griffins and more. Come nightfall, however, the undead rise.

Skeletons and zombies can be seen from a distance in the woods and near cemeteries when it's dark. However, you will also encounter some powerful foes, such as the Wight and Fell Lord, the elites of the undead army. Beating Fell Lord is crucial as it drops one of the rare upgrade materials.

Where To Find A Fell Lord

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Fell Lord's Bones

A Fell Lord can appear in caves and near cemeteries only during the nighttime. It is an elite skeleton enemy-type with a massive health pool and a giant long sword.

While you are free to find the Fell Lord as you go on your adventures, we have found one location that always has the Fell Lord boss available.

If you venture down the road that ends at a broken bridge between Checkpoint Rest Town and the Putrid Cave, you will find a Fell Lord elite enemy stationed at this bridge during the nighttime.

It is the same road with a river crossing, and on the other side is a route leading to the Putrid cave. A Fell Lord boss is always present here, and you may have encountered this elite enemy already during the Prey For The Pack quest as you venture in the dark, finding Rodge by following glowing flowers.

How To Beat A Fell Lord

The Fell Lord is a melee elite tank that soaks all the damage you deal to it. This elite enemy has a giant sword with slow attack patterns, but when it hits, expect a massive health drop.

The best strategy to defeat the Fell Lord is to have at least two Warrior vocation pawns in your party. You need to dish out the most damage possible in a short amount of time.

The longer this fight goes on, the more attention it will draw from nearby skeletons and phantoms, making it much more challenging than it needs to be.

You need a dedicated healer while fighting against the Fell Lord. For this, a sorcerer or a magick archer vocation character will help during the fight. If your two main attacker pawns consistently take damage, call them to you and heal them first.

We found that a Magick Archer was better suited for the fight against A Fell Lord. You can heal allies from a distance and provide support while unleashing a barrage of magic arrows.

If your two warriors consistently push and attack the Fell Lord, there is a high chance that this elite enemy will fall off the broken bridge, resulting in immediate victory.

After defeating the Fell Lord, you can collect the Fell Lord's Bone resource material from it.

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