Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Get Fruit Wine

Who knew finding wine could be so berry difficult?

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Fruit Wine

In Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll come across many materials and recipes that can be used for crafting. Not every material can be made by hand, though. Some will need to be found, gifted, or purchased for you to use them. One such rare material is Fruit Wine, which is needed in specific quests and can be used as a consumable.

Hailed for its healing properties, Fruit Wine is quite valuable and rare. Finding one bottle is enough for celebration, let alone multiple. If you want to acquire as much of this wine as possible, then follow our lead in Dragon's Dogma 2.

What Is Fruit Wine?

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Fruit Wine

Fruit Wine is a consumable curative item that you can find in your travels. It cannot be crafted, which makes it quite a rare find. It's described as delightfully fragrant and tart, made from wild berries and fruits.

What Is Fruit Wine Used For?

Fruit wine's primary use is for crafting Newt Liqueur, which can be used during The Sotted Sage quest. Completing the quest will help you unlock the Warfarer vocation, enabling you to try new techniques in combat.

Gifts From NPCs

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Fruit Wine

When you raise affinity with characters, like Captain Brant, they can sometimes leave gifts at your doorstep. Try befriending and gifting liked items to NPCs around Vermund to receive gifts at your home.

It's not guaranteed to reward you with Fruit Wine, but some NPCs are more likely to drop the desired item at your home than others. Next time you return to your residence, check to see if anything is hanging by your door!

Welcome To Battahl

Upon arriving in Battahl, head towards The Wanderer's Haven. As you draw near, a beastren named Roger will stop you. He makes some unsavory comments about pawns and challenges you to a duel, sending three other beastren to fight you.

After a moment, Raghnall will step in and demand the fight be one-on-one to be a proper duel. Defeat the beastren that challenges you and Raghnall will reward you with a fair amount of gold and a bottle of Fruit Wine.

How To Farm Fruit Wine

The only way we know to farm fruit wine is to pay Ibrahim to copy it, which costs a bit of coin. Having him create a forgery of the drink costs 1,600 gold and one day to create.

When you return to collect your Fruit Wine, you'll be given two bottles back. Continue to copy the Fruit Wine to maintain an endless supply, so long as you have at least one in your inventory.

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