Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Get Saurian Tail

Here is how to find Saurian and get its tail in the game.

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Saurian Tail

The vast world of Dragon's Dogma 2 is full of wandering monsters and beasts lurking in the dark, waiting patiently to take you by surprise. One notorious lizard-like creature called Saurians can be found on the roads and inside the dark tunnels in the Vermund region.

Saurians wield a spear and mostly do a couple of poke attacks at you. The tail is their weak spot, and cutting it off will chip away most of their health. Slicing the tail off also drops a rare item, which otherwise, has a low chance of looting from Saurian. This guide discusses how to get the Saurian tail from this enemy type.

How To Get Saurian Tail

You must cut off the tail of a Saurian monster to get the Saurian tail in the game. Using a sharp blade, such as a Fighter's small sword or a Warrior's large-sized blade on a Saurian's tail will cut it off in a few hits. After that, you can loot this item and get the Saurian tail item in your inventory.

The Saurian's tail is one of the resource materials that you can combine to create other concoctions. You can also sell the Saurian tail to merchants if you need some gold to buy the best armor and powerful weapons in the game.

Saurian Monster Locations

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Saurian Tail

There are many places in the Vermund where you will come across these lizard-looking creatures with a spear in their right hand. You can encounter them in the woods west of Vernworth as you continue to go to the Sacred Arbor.

However, one dark tunnel-like location east of the Checkpoint Rest Town contains more than four Saurian enemies. This is the same road that connects the pathway leading to the Ancient Battleground.

Once you are in the dark tunnel, light the lamp so you can see the Saurians clinging to the walls . Otherwise, they can take you by surprise by launching a spear-smack attack on you.

If you have a blade or sword-category weapon, consistently hit the Saurian's tail to cut it off. If you do not happen to have a sharp weapon with you, command your party members to attack Saurians. There is a good chance some of the attacks land on the tail and cut it off, resulting in the Saurian tail item.

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