Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Get Spider Venom Sac

Here is how to find spiders and get Spider Venom Sac, a resource material that is very useful in DD2.

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Spider Venom Sac

The monsters in Dragon's Dogma 2 roam the open world and are found inside caves. While tackling foes out in the wild is much easier than in the tight spaces of caves, sometimes you need brute force instead of strategy to defeat foes in the game.

Spiders are among the many creatures found inside the caves. Unlike the Stout Undead, who have plenty of health and lurk in the dark corners of the caves, spiders are small and much easier to kill. This guide explains how to find spiders and obtain Spider Venom Sac from them.

How To Get Spider Venom Sac

To get the Spider Venom Sac, you need to kill spiders. These small arachnids are mostly found inside caves instead of out in the open world.

Most spiders can be killed with one swift blow from a melee weapon, as they do not have a larger health pool. Once the creature is killed, you can loot the items from the remains. Besides the Spider Venom Sac, you can also get the Rotten Grapes item when you kill the spiders.

Spider Location

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Get Spider Venom Sac

The Holy Mausoleum Ruins cave, located northwest of Bakbattahl, contains at least two guaranteed spider spawns. Killing both will increase your chance of receiving at least one Spider Venom Sac.

You can also approach this location by going south after crossing the border of Checkpoint Rest Town. After crossing the Bakbattahl Forest, take the road leading to the west.

This also happens to be the same road you find Luz NPC , the one who unlocks the Trickster vocation in the game. A lesser Drake is also found near the cave by the water stream, so be mindful while approaching the cave.

Can You Duplicate Spider Venom Sac?

Yes, you can create duplicates of the Spider Venom Sac from Ibrahim's Scrap Store. This is a rare resource in the game because spiders are not easily found in the open world. Therefore, duplicating the item is a faster way to get an ample supply of Spider Venom Sac.

Once you have acquired the Spider Venom Sac from the mentioned location, head to Ibrahim, a vendor in Checkpoint Rest Town, and ask to make forgeries. He will charge a 180 Gold fee to duplicate the Spider Venom Sac. Then you need to rest four times to give Ibrahim time to complete the forgery, and it will be available for you to grab.

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