Dragon’s Dogma 2: Warrior Build Guide

Use your raw strength to dominate as a Warrior in DD2.

Dragon's Dogma 2: Warrior Build Guide

Playing a Warrior in Dragon's Dogma 2 is straightforward in theory: hit everything with your massive sword (or axe) and go on your merry way. However, learning the nuances of the Warrior vocation will unlock its true potential as a boss-crushing tank.

As you progress through Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll come across some of the best gear for Warriors in DD2, namely from the Dragonforged in Battahl. Aside from amassing an arsenal of exceptional armor, the best Warrior build in DD2 requires a careful selection of Weapon Skills and Augments from across vocations.

This build is designed for late-game Warriors who have leveled up other vocations and unlocked their associated Augments.

Most gear can be acquired in your first playthrough, but you may need to enter New Game Plus to accumulate enough Wyrmslife Crystals to afford all the armor.

Warrior Build Overview

Dragon's Dogma 2: Warrior Build Guide

The Warrior vocation makes you a warlord on the battlefield, capable of jumping into the fray and enduring damage as you prepare to unleash your hard-hitting Weapon Skills.

Warrior Weapon Skills should be charged to unleash their full effect but will demand careful timing and positioning , so your attacks connect with the designated foe.

Luckily, the Warrior is designed to absorb damage while charging its Weapon Skills, as the Bulwark Core Skill reduces damage while charging.

Breakneck Strike will reward precision timing of your charged skills, as unleashing a Weapon Skill the moment it is charged will inflict greater damage.

Lastly, the Repulse Core Skill will parry enemy attacks that are about to hit when you unleash your Weapon Skill.

Acclimating to the charged Weapon Skill style can take some practice, but once you master it, you'll put the best Warrior build in DD2 to good use.

Skills & Augments

A Warrior's Weapon Skills are the bread and butter of your damage output, as basic attacks don't offer much.

Augments will help to ensure you have the passive abilities needed to complete your DD2 Warrior build.

Weapon Skills

For this Dragon's Dogma 2 Warrior vocation build, your main focus should be inflicting large chunks of damage, drawing enemy focus, and absorbing hits.

At the same time, charging your Weapon Skills will prepare an attack of your own.

Weapon Skill


Heavenward Sunder

Jumps and slashes upward simultaneously. Can be charged.

Windstorm Slash

Uses the blade's momentum to unleash several slashes. Unleashes a powerful slash if the button is released while swinging fast.

Ravening Lunge

Press the assigned button to charge forward; press again to stab.


Gives you a second wind, curing you of Debilitations (caught fire, frostbite, sleep, silence, and unconscious).

Ravening Lunge is included to allow you to switch your focus to killing smaller creatures, while Heavenward Sunder is best against larger, lumbering monsters.

However, the Mountain Breaker skill can take Ravening Lunge's slot if you plan to stun larger enemies and knock them off-balance.

If you're used to fast-paced Weapon Skills akin to the Thief vocation, then the Warrior vocation will be a major adjustment but will reward intelligent plays.

If you stick with Ravening Lunge, you can deal with many basic enemies by charging forward and launching them with your blade.

However, Heavenward Sunder, Mountain Breaker, and Windstorm Slash create a deadly triumvirate when facing large enemies like drakes.

Inspirit is an excellent fourth option regardless of your other three Weapon Skills, as it allows you to cleanse yourself of dangerous debilitations without the help of a Mage in your party.


The Warrior vocation benefits from additional stats across the board but should focus on upgrading its offensive abilities to defeat enemies quickly.



Original Vocation


Increases your maximum Stamina by 150.



Increases your Knockdown Power by 15 percent.



Reduces the cumulation of the loss gauge when receiving damage.



Bestows 30 Strength.



Increases Physical Defense by 30 percent + 45.



Reduces the Stamina consumed by five percent when performing a weapon skill.


This set of Augments will provide enough durability to take hits while charging your Weapon Skills, allowing you to use three Augment slots toward Stamina and Strength.

Warriors often balance their builds between offense and defense , but if you prefer a build that leans more toward absorbing damage, you can replace Verve with other Augments that boost your health or defenses.

Augments like Zeal and Endurance will help you keep attacking as often as possible, while Verve and Dominance combine to ensure every downed enemy takes chunks of damage from your swings.


The best DD2 Warrior weapons and armor will give you a major boost, particularly some late-game options; these are acquired from Bodas's Armory in Bakbattahl and the Dragonforged.

If you have plenty of Wyrmslife Crystals to spare, grab the Dragon's Bite sword from the Dragonforged, or if you're swimming in gold, you can get a Dragon's Flight axe from any major vendor during the endgame (or in New Game Plus).

Type Of Gear

Item Name


Dragon's Bite


Blazing Soul


Dominator's Armor


Executioner's Greaves

Ring (Right)

Ring of Quickening

Ring (Left)

Ring of Momentum


Windbreaking Cloak

The Dominator's Armor is easily one of the best armor pieces in DD2, so it's worth picking up.

Ultimately, you can enjoy fashion over function for your armor sets, particularly cloaks, so use what you like if you don't have every piece of armor here.

General Warrior Vocation Tips

Dragon's Dogma 2: Warrior Build Guide

A Warrior must act as an enforcer in battle, creating havoc against enemies by drawing their attention, and then swatting them like flies.

Utilize the following combos, tips, and tricks to capitalize on the best Warrior build Dragon's Dogma 2 has to offer:

  1. Use the Barge vocation ability to the distance between you and your enemy, or stun them out of an attack.
  2. The following combination of Weapon Skills will often render enemies helpless, ripe to attack freely:
  3. Use Mountain Breaker to stagger a large enemy.
  4. Follow up with Heavenward Sunder to fully knock the enemy off balance.
  5. Unleash a Windstorm Slash on their weak point as the enemy is dazed.
  6. Choose your spots wisely, as you should anticipate enemy movements and prepare to attack the spot they will be, rather than the spot they came from.
  7. Your Physical Defense is excellent, but your Magick Defense starts low, so be wary of Magick-focused foes.
  8. Use Dwarven Smithing to enhance your gear, as this will boost your Knockdown Power and Resistance on weapons or armor.
  9. Debilitation resistance is unnecessary if you use Inspirit, except for Sleep Resistance, since you cannot wake yourself up using the Weapon Skill.
  10. The Dragon's Bite is better for damage, while the Dragon's Flight Axe will provide more potent Knockdown Power.
  11. Use your Dragonforged Blessing on the Heavenward Sunder Weapon Skill to maximize your single-strike damage.
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