EA Sports FC 24: How To Complete The TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

Complete the objective group to earn TOTS Live John McGinn In EA FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24: How To Complete The TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

Team of the Season (TOTS) marks the start of several free-to-play objective challenges in EA Sports FC 24. Much like the Team Of The Year promo that offered top-tier players, TOTS includes various superb cards from the world's most popular leagues.

While John McGinn might not be the most famous Premier League footballer, his card is an excellent free reward for simply playing Ultimate Team. By completing these objectives during your online or offline games, you'll earn a TOTS Live John McGinn, which can receive upgrades based on Aston Villa's performance in the Premier League.

This objective expires at reset time on April 26th, 2024.

What Are The TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives?

There are four objectives to complete the TOTS Live John McGinn challenge, requiring you to build a team themed around John McGinn and his balanced midfield play.

Each challenge must be completed on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty in Squad Battles , or completed online in either Rivals or Champions .

Challenge Name

Completion Requirement

Scottish Pride

Play nine matches while having a minimum of three players from Scotland in your starting 11.

Midfield Maestro

Score and assist a goal using a midfielder in six separate matches.

Winner's Mentality

Win seven matches while having a minimum of five Premier League players in your starting 11.


Concede one or fewer goals per match in five separate matches.

To complete these challenges, you need to build a team that fulfills the requirements, so head to your Club menu and start filling in slots on a template, or start fresh to give yourself options.

How To Complete The TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives Fast

EA Sports FC 24: How To Complete The TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

The primary challenge is assembling a team properly themed around John McGinn, which will require three Scottish and five Premier League (PL) players.

John McGinn's gold common card is an excellent inclusion as it will tick both boxes simultaneously, leaving you with only two more Scots and four more PL players to find.

Once your team is properly assembled, you'll need to play a total of nine games, given that is the maximum requirement of all four objectives.

If you look for Scottish players and PL players separately, you'll need to use eight total slots of your starting 11 on these players, but you can double-dip to knock that number down to the minimum of five.

Some Scottish Premier League players you can use are:

  • John McGinn (Aston Villa)
  • Andy Robertson (Liverpool)
  • Ben Doak (Liverpool)
  • Aaron Hickey (Brentford)
  • Scott McTominay (Manchester United)
  • Elliot Anderson (Newcastle)
  • Matt Ritchie (Newcastle)
  • Ryan Christie (Bournemouth)
  • Tom Cairney (Fulham)

You do not need to use any of these players for the full 90 minutes , nor are any Scottish PL players required to score or assist, so their cards don't matter if you plan to substitute them.

Once you've entered a game and made any necessary substitutions, you'll need to focus on four things:

  • Scoring with any midfielder.
  • Assisting with any midfielder.
  • Conceding one or fewer goals.
  • Winning the match.

While you do not need to score and assist with the same midfielder, be sure you use at least one attacking-oriented midfielder in your formation who will join the attack and be in a position to contribute to a goal.

What Rewards Do You Get For Finishing The TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives?

EA Sports FC 24: How To Complete The TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

Group Reward

After you claim the group challenge objective, you'll receive a TOTS Live John McGinn rated 90 overall, though with a chance of upgrading if either of the following happens in Aston Villa's next four league games starting April 19, 2024:

  1. Two wins from the next four league games – Plus one OVR.
  2. Aston Villa scores eight goals in the next four league games – Plus one OVR.

However, despite the chance for upgrades, McGinn only has two PlayStyle Plus options, though many TOTS cards have three, leaving him a bit behind the power curve.

Despite that limitation, the two PlayStyles are excellent options, as both Anticipate and Incisive Pass are among the best in the game.

McGinn is an extremely solid option for Premier League teams and will focus primarily on transitioning from defense into offense.

Place him in a defensive midfield role and McGinn will send your attackers off on deadly counters with his 89 Passing.

Aside from the TOTS Live John McGinn, each objective will also reward you with packs to open along the way.

Challenge Rewards

Challenge Name

Completion Reward

Scottish Pride

Two players 80+

Midfield Maestro

Two players 81+

Winner's Mentality

Two players 81+


Five players 75+

Whether the packs yield anything or not, you have a solid midfielder to slot into your team or a fantastic fodder card with room to grow if your squad is too good already.

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