Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes — Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

The Abandoned Mines are the first big dungeon in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and its filled with tricky puzzles. Let us guide you through it.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

The Abandoned Mine is the first big dungeon in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. In fact, it may just be the biggest dungeon in the game. It has dozens of treasures and multiple resource-gathering points, and it all concludes with one hell of a boss encounter.

Oh, and there are puzzles. A bunch of them, too. Some are easier than others. We'll help you work through all of them. We've even included some pleasing to-look-at maps with all the important points marked on them. So, what are you waiting for, dig in and clean out the Abandoned Mine!

Abandoned Mine Opening Section

Immediately upon entering the dungeon, you will be able to open a chest for 900 baqua. Push the minekart forward enough that you will be able to move in any of the three directions. Head north and pull the minekart towards you (clearing the path for when you come around). Head back to the first kart, and head east. Push that kart all the way to the end of the tracks. Now, head all the way to the end of the tunnel heading east to get 900 baqua from a chest.

Now, head down the northern tunnel, push the kart all the way down (blocking the chest), and head west. Grab the kart on these tracks and pull it east into the clearing so you can get around it. Then, follow the track to the northwest point, open the chest, and get the Topaz Ring. Backtrack to that kart you pushed in front of the chest, pull it south. Then, circle around, and push that kart on the west-most track in front of that chest you just opened. With that out of the way, you will be able to circle back around and open the chest to get a Rune of Earth.

Keep following the path east and you will encounter a resource point and a kart with a giant stone in it. Go full-steam ahead with that kart going west, and you will blow through the giant boulder clogging the tunnel. You will now be taken to the second section of the mines…

The Abandoned Mine Spires

There are three round rock spires up ahead. Each has three levels, and bridges connected between them. We're going to name them spires 1, 2, and 3 (from left to right on the map). Just stay on the first level and run directly east to start things off. You will run directly into a chest containing a Heavy Helm at the base of spire 2. Climb to the second level of spire 2 through the entrance at the base, head west across the bridge to spire 1, then climb up to the third level. There are two chests up here. The one in the front has Anti-venom and the one in the back (this one is hard to see) holds 900 baqua.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

While at the top of spire 1, head to the wood path in the back, and take it to the top of spire 2. There is another chest up here, open it to get the Rune of Feint Thrust. Now, back to the wooden ramp in the back, take it to Spire 3, and then head down to the second level. Circle around back and you will find a treasure chest containing 900 baqua and Hiro. Hiro is someone you will be able to recruit a little later, but for now, you can purchase items from him. If you are running low on Healing Herbs or Revival Medicine, stock up now. Also, pick up a few Healing Incenses, as they are a great way to heal the entire party when in a jam.

Take a look at your inventory. If you are getting to your limit, sell some things to Hiro.

Hiro's Merchandise

Healing Herb


Healing Incense


Revival Medicine


Antivenom Herb


Once you have finished buying and selling stuff to Hiro, head to the back ramp and behind spire 3 and and get the chest on the west end of that section to get a Rune of Power. Now just head to the east, and enter the tunnel north.

Minekart Scale Puzzle 1

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

You will come to a forking path, but the north section of the track is blocked, so head west. You will come to another "puzzle". All you need to do is place both karts holding boulders onto the bridge and press the big red button. Once you do, the other bridge will rise up, allowing you to pass. Head across the bridge, and open the chest to get some healing herbs.

You will head west, and come around a giant oval section of track. Head south along the track and grab the Revival Medicine from the chest the head west and get the 900 baqua from another chest. Head west a little further and you will have another forking path. Travel north, pushing the kart as you do. Now, open the chest and get the Rune of Resistance.

You may have noticed that the giant oval section of wooden bridge has two paths that go west. However, while you can take the more northern path to get to that chest, you will be blocked in and need to circle around anyway. There is literally no reason that we can see for you to interact with that path at all.

Return To The First Section

Keep heading west, and you will end up in the more northern section of the first part of the mines. You can push the kart that was blocking you previously out of the way. There are some more Healing Herbs in the nearby chest as well. Head north and then west to reach another gathering spot, you'll encounter another as you travel east. Just keep following the kart tracks north and grab the 900 baqua from the treasure chest. Then follow the track east.

This next section has a bunch of easy-to-miss treasure chests. For starters, head east until you hit a wall. There will be a chest with Anti-Poison Beads inside of it. Now head back west until you find the entrance that is blocked by a minekart. Move the kart and enter through the opening to travel up to the second floor, but don't enter onto the wooden walkway just yet, instead travel east. You are standing in one continuous tunnel that goes all the way to the eastern wall.

This tunnel will take you to a chest containing Magic Drops. Now head back into the passageway you just came from and travel east again, this will take you to the other end of the tunnel, above the chest that had the Anti-Poison Beads. Open the chest here to get 900 baqua.

Head west, back through that passage, until you can't travel any farther. Hop out onto the wooden walkway and Follow it west. You will encounter a chest containing some Anti-Venom Herbs. Now, go through the entrance in this back corner and head west to get to the chest containing the Growth Badge. Head back the way you came, and then go east again and follow the track north.

Once you enter into the large open area, we are going to loop around and loot all the chests. First, head east. In the southeast corner of this room, you will find the Fluffy Shield. Put it on Garr. Travel north from here, and you will enter into a small room containing a chest with a Rune of Water inside. Now backtrack to the previous area, and head north. Then, follow the tracks east and get the Rune of Skill. Follow the tracks west and get the Rune of Defense. You will now follow the tracks south until you enter into a room with a path heading in all four directions. Go north and get the Revival Medicine. From here, all that is left to do is to circle back around to the entrance on the north side of this area to head into the next section of the Abandoned Mine.

Looping Back One More Time

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

Once you enter into this area, immediately head south. Here you can open a chest that contains some Quality Healing Herbs. Follow the tracks north, and Lian will make mention of the weakened wall. Take the kart by the left side and pull it to the west as far as you can go, then charge to your right and slam into the weakened wall, this will cause a boulder to fall into it. Switch the side of the kart you are holding, and use your heavier kart to charge through the boulder blocking the tunnel heading west.

Minekart Scale Puzzle 2

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

You will be at a familiar-looking puzzle. The difference is that the minekart north of you is empty, which means it won't be heavy enough. So, ram it into the north-most wall and a boulder will fall into the bucket. Place both karts onto the bridge like you did with the first one, and press the red button. Head west, grab the 900 baqua from the chest, then travel northwest and through into the final section of the Abandoned Mines.

The Final Section Of The Abandoned Mine

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

This area really doesn't have much in the way of tricks. Head for the southwest corner to get the Rune of Speed, then travel to the southeast corner, and head north to get the Magic Drops, then travel west, and head to the northwest corner where you will get the Dash Boots (equip these immediately) as well as encounter a resource gathering spot. Finally, head north and grab the Rune of Fire from the last treasure chest. Now, head to the northeast exit and prepare to fight the boss(es) of the Abandoned Mine.

Yuthus, Kogen, and Zabi

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Abandoned Mine Walkthrough

You wlll need to fight all three of these goons simultaneously. Zabi is the mage and will use is water rune to attack your party members and heal his own. Yuthus is the boy with the shield. He will tank shots and protect is team members. Finally, Kogen is the man with the headband and will be the primary damage dealer.

For the first phase of the fight, we'll target Zabi and Yuthus. Anyone who can reach will attack Zabi, while everyone else will heal or attack Yuthus. Yuthus is going to take a lot of Zabi's shots, so he will get worn down pretty quickly. Zabi is far less durable, so by the time Yuthus collapses, he'll be pretty injured himself. We're after Zabi as we don't want to deal with his heals, especially when he is healing the incredibly durable Yuthus.

It isn't a terrible idea to use the water veil to diminish the damage Zabi's spells do.

Whenever you see Kogen flashing white, that means the next turn he is going to hit your party with his big attack. This will devastate the entire front row. So, you will likely want to defend with your front row troops in order to minimize the damage.

Once one of the three falls (likely to be Yuthus) the phase will begin. This is where the gimmick kicks in. Once the crane is out, whoever is under the crane's shadow by the end of the turn will take moderate damage. By hitting the lever, you will change whose side the crane will drop the rock on. However, Kogen can respond in kind. So, make sure you only use people who have an action last to activate the gimmick.

Since you were already focusing so much fire on Zabi, he will likely die just as you enter into the second phase, this means that Kogen will be the last one standing. Just keep your front-row healed, and use the crane to your advantage, and he will fall quickly enough.

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