Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes — Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Cross the sea of sand and recruit several more characters to the cause.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

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Several more characters await the Alliance's invitation (and Nowa's displays of prowess) upon reaching the Eastern Desert region in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. A couple of them will join as part of the main story; in fact, you're there specifically to recruit them.

The rest will take some extra work. Some are in the town of Dabavin; others are in the capital of Impershi'arc. We'll be going over how to snag each of them for service as well as what you can expect each of them to bring to the table when you're planning out your party in the fights to come.

How To Recruit Skyd And Yuferius VII

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

If you're strictly following Eiyuden Chronicle's main story, there are two mandatory characters to recruit before sending Nowa and all his stalwart companions back to the castle for the next line of events: Skyd and Yuferius VII.

Beelining things will get you their aid in twenty-odd minutes. Maybe less. Well, so long as you've arrived in Impershi'arc, which is where you'll meet them both.

This is all straightforward story stuff, but for posterity, here's how to get there: pass through Shandar , reach Dabavin , and then follow the objective marker to travel by shi'arcraft to the capital .

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Upon your arrival, head forward a bit, and you'll get a quick scene with someone named Quinn. More on Quinn later. For now, go meet with the shi'arc leadership; here's when Skyd comes into the picture. Skyd sends Nowa on a shi'arcraft race, which is buckets of fun, trust us.

Follow the objective marker towards Yuferius VII, who will be serving as Nowa's coach for learning the shi'arcraft racing mini-game.

Be advised: if you drop out of the practice race, the game treats it as though you completed it , and there's no option to practice again . Hopefully, this is amended in a future patch. But for now… yeah!

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

All we'll need to do is reach second place during the race, which will kick up in earnest following a couple more scenes. Save at the inn so that you can reload the race in the event of a loss. Mind you, you can keep trying — it'd be weird if you couldn't! — but let's tackle it in one fell swoop.

In fact, let's aim for first place. But we'll cover the race itself in the next section. (You'll see why in a sec.) Once you've gotten at least second place, Skyd and Yuferius VII join forces with the Alliance!

How To Recruit Scarlet

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

So, the race. Yeah. Reaching second place is fairly easy, at least in our experience. There's a sizable gulf between Scarlet, who will always come in first at 1:00:05, and the rest of the pack. (Nearly 20 seconds' difference, in fact!)

But eventually, we'll want to recruit Scarlet. And recruiting Scarlet means coming in first, which you can try to achieve at any point after the race… or you can do so now. The shi'arc race isn't terribly complicated, but here are some tips we've amassed from redoing it a few times.

  • The brake button is there for a reason. You won't need it often, but if you're coming in at an awkward angle prior to one of the gates, tap the brake button quickly and slightly to help you steer in a more favorable direction.
  • Finishing the race at around 1:05 is pretty easy, but shaving off those final five seconds is far harder. You will need the bulk of those souls (why the heck are we collecting souls out here?), so don't try to take routes without the souls. You'll slow down for too long.
  • Use your boosts wisely, which is to say, use them near-constantly, but try to make sure you're aligned with souls (or the next gate) before tapping that button. At the final stretch, just keep tapping the boost button, because it's a straight shot.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

It took us a while to get first place, to be honest. And we panicked a bit because after we met up with Scarlet at the entrance to Impershi'arc upon beating her score, she challenged Nowa to another race on a new course.

Plot twist: despite all Scarlet's bluster, this course is somehow easier. It's shorter, and it's packed full of souls, and the gates are all done and over with remarkably swiftly. If you're struggling, keep our tips for the prior race in mind. But this is oddly harmless stuff.

How To Recruit Stadler

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

You'll find Stadler as soon as your first trip to Impershi'arc. Stadler's the yellow-clad, beefy-looking, fellow about midway into the city. This is cool — Stadler challenges you to a mock battle, and not the conventional battle system kind.

To recruit Stadler, you must prove your worth by winning a war-style clash with your armies. We saved our Legion Commands until we were up directly against Stadler. We also used Seign to maneuver around Stadler's forces and weaken the regular foes.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Afterward, we spammed the Legion Commands, including Rest, to heal up before attacking Stadler with the maximum number of units at once (three). He didn't go down immediately, but a second assault did the trick.

How To Recruit Quinn

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Quinn's recruitment is going to take a while, as it involves traversing a new area called the Den of the Dunes. You will also go up against a unique boss, not once, but thrice.

The first two fights are far less perilous, and can be treated roughly as upper-echelon regular encounters . The third and final bout, however, is a full-fledged ordeal.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

After meeting Quinn, speak with Quinn again in Impershi'arc; when you've made preparations — we recommend bringing plenty of healing items, multiple fighters with slash damage, a dedicated defender, and a dedicated healer — speak with Quinn near the entrance.

The shi'arcraft will send you to the Den of the Dunes. You can leave if needed, although Quinn will chide you. Whatever, Quinn. Whatever. Approach the crater ahead of you to battle the boss in its nascent, fin-onlyform.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Continue exploring, using the pitcher plant monsters to reach new destinations. They come in pink here, but they're handy for the same mechanic as the one you'll have braved at the Great Forest — South. The second crater will feature a slightly beefier version of your quarry.

Healing Incenses from Hiro's tool shop at the castle — provided you've unlocked him and advanced his shop inventory once — will be precious here. But keep slashing the beast while healing up and it'll go down. Quinn finally joins thereafter.

How To Recruit Prunella

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

The "expensive gun-for-hire" Prunella can be found at the inn in Dabavin as soon as you've reached this bustling trade town for the first time. Just chatting her up is almost enough to seal the deal. Alas, you need to bring 100,000 baqua to pay her for her services.

That's a lot of cash, but we've got a guide on how to earn money fast to hasten your financing options.

Bring the moolah, and Prunella will give you 50,000 of it back, so ultimately her mercurial skills "only" cost you half as much. How sweet of her.

How To Recruit Cabana

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Eastern Desert Recruitment Guide

Cabana is adorable, and yes, we bolded that because it's important. He's also among the simplest characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to get on your side.

Just find Cabana to the right of the inn. You can't miss him; he's a capybara-man. Recruiting Capybara to the castle is required in order to unlock the hot springs, a location that buffs your party and even triggers unique conversations when you've got certain party members.

How To Recruit Reyna

Reyna challenges your party to a battle, but she won't fight back as you pummel her. Instead, you have three turns to satisfy Reyna's assessment of your might; in other words, you need to do a veritable ton of damage in short order.

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