Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes — Northern Runebarrows Walkthrough

If you want to get past the Northern Runebarrows in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you’ll have to solve a couple of puzzles.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Northern Runebarrows Walkthrough

On your journey through the medieval world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you'll encounter various dungeons with their unique puzzles, normal enemies, and bosses. You have to be quite attentive and change your team members in almost all of these dungeons if you want to have an easier time.

However, one of the dungeons that you can't change your team in is the Northern Runebarrows since they're at the start of the game. If you want to get past these ruins, you'll have to solve some puzzles and defeat a giant monster protecting the Primal Lens.

How To Open Every Door

Once you finish the Northern Forest part and enter the Northern Runebarrows, you'll first witness a small dialogue among the party trying to find ways to bring down the Primal Lens. Once this dialogue is over, head to the left of the room and stand on the button to open the door, which lets you go deeper into the Runebarrows.

In the next area, head to the left a bit and then go straight up as soon as you can. Now, move a bit to the left and you'll see a giant mechanism that you can activate. Once activated, the mechanism will show three shapes in a certain order. You can head to the door to the left of this and open it by pressing the shapes in the same order.

You can find another similar door on the bottom left side of this area, and it can be opened with the same pattern to reveal a silver chest.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Northern Runebarrows Walkthrough

After getting past the first door and walking ahead, you'll witness a big cutscene where Nowa and Seign fall through the hole and have to continue by themselves. During this journey, you'll learn a bunch of combat mechanics, which is important to pay attention to. Eventually, you'll reach the upper part of the barrows again.

In this part, keep going south until you have to turn left and then take the first path upward. On this path, turn right as soon as you can and you'll find another similar mechanism. The pattern shown here will open the door on the bottom left side and lead you to the main boss fight.

How To Defeat Golem Pulverizer

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Northern Runebarrows Walkthrough

Golem Pulverizer will be the first main boss you'll encounter in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. While you might've already fought the Forest Eater, this fight will be far more difficult. Golem Pulverizer is weak to Grapple attacks, but your team might not have too many of these during this time.

Grapple attacks have a special symbol beside them that looks like a punch .

However, the main mechanic that you have to keep in mind during this fight is the Gimmick featured in the second phase. You'll find some rock structures on both sides of the battlefield, and you can target them by pressing the "Attack/Gimmick" button on the characters near them.

One turn after these boulders spawn, you'll see the Pulverizer shoot a laser and target a specific column. It's highly recommended to use this Gimmick on the targeted allies if you want to prevent massive damage in the next turn. The allies who aren't targeted by it can still attack the Pulverizer normally.

Apart from the Gimmick, you should be able to defeat the Pulverizer quite easily as long as you keep everyone alive.

All Chests In Northern Runebarrows

Here are all the chests and items that you can find throughout the Northern Runebarrows:

Chest Number


How To Get


Tanzanite Ring

Use the symbol pattern above to open this door and get the chest.


400 Baqua

Just before opening the first main door, head straight down on the same path and you'll see the chest.


400 Baqua

As you enter the first big chamber after opening the first door, head straight down and you'll find this on the edge.


2x Revival Medicine

Found on the edge to the left of the pattern mechanism on the right side of the Runebarrows.


400 Baqua

On the right edge of the same mechanism needed for chest four.

Apart from these chests on the upper floor, you can also find two on the lower floor in the middle.

You'll likely find one while going through it while the second one is on the secluded path at the bottom. You'll get Healing Herbs and Bronze Mail (armor) from these chests.

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