Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

The Redthroat Ridge is a location you’ll be visiting often in the opening hours of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Let us guide you through it.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

It doesn't take long for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to open up and give the player room to explore a little. In fact, rather early in the game, you will be tasked with recruiting new members to the watch. While these characters are dispersed throughout the Grum County region, there is one place that keeps factoring into their recruitment: the Redthroat Cliffs.

There are four characters who will require you to interact with the cliffs. One of them can only be obtained once you have worked your way through this dungeon in its entirety. We'll help point you in the direction of all the goodies you can find here, as well as help you locate all the important recruitment-specific elements.

Before you enter the Redthroat Ridge, make sure you have already spoken to Kuroto in Alterverden and have encountered Mellore in Eltiweiss . You may as well recruit both characters at once, so initiate both quests before starting your excursion. Ideally, you should recruit Francesca as well, as her healing will be extremely helpful.

Notable Enemies

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

There are two enemies you are going to want to look out for during your romp through the ridge. The first is the Wild Boar. You will need to hunt three of these down if you want to recruit Kuroto. You will also encounter an enemy named a Shell Egg. These creatures are giant eggs with feet poking out the bottom. Defeating one gives you that chance of obtaining an egg. Later down the road, you will need five eggs to recruit Paquia. So, it isn't a terrible idea to collect them now while you are here.

Redthroat Ridge Resources

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

There are a number of gathering points located around the Redthroat Ridge area. These will provide you with one of two resources: iron ore or stone. These gathering points are typically found next to the treasure chests, so if you follow our guie to those chests, you will also encounter them.

Later on, you will encounter a recruit who will specifically request iron. This is one of the places where you can go to get it for them.

Redthroat Ridge Treasures

There isn't anything particularly special waiting for you in this dungeon treasure-wise. However, there is some decent early-game equipment that may as well snag. The Thick Robe is the first treasure chest you will encounter. Just stick to the right and you will cross over a rope bridge and run into it. The robe will work on either Lian, Mellore, or Francesca.

After backtracking a little, you'll run into a tiny fork in the road where you can head west or go north. There is a treasure chest with two Magical Drops if you go north.

Double back and head west this time. You will now run into a bridge heading north. Go west instead to cross over another bridge and grab a Tricorne Hat. Now, head back to the main path, travel northeast, and you will run right past a resource gathering point. Once you hit the bridge traveling east, there will be a treasure chest below you containing six herbs.

You will hit your final fork in the road. Here we will want to head west once again so that we can cross another bridge and get the Rune of Magic. Now all there is left to do is to head east and confront the Redthroat Ridge's boss…

Nerthus — Boss Fight

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

Nerthus will only appear if you are accompanying Mellore.

Nerthus is a pretty simple boss with a pretty simple gimmick. You will have two grimoires that you will be able to interact with. When Nerthus dives into the ground, you need to try to predict which side of the screen they will pop up on. If you get it right, the grimoire will summon a hammer that will smack Nerthus and potentially stun them. There is no "right" way to do this. There is a 50/50 chance you select the correct Grimoire.

Nerthus has two attacks: he'll swipe at a single party member or toss a boulder at a single party member. The slashing attack is physical, while the boulder is magic. So, you can use the Water Veil spell (if you have recruited Francesca) to diminish the boulder's damage.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Redthroat Ridge Walkthrough

Once you have substantially injured Nerthus (taken him down to about half-health), he'll transform. This next form of Nerthus gets a single new attack: a ground slam. Unfortunately for you, this attack injures all party members. You are going to want to stay on top of your heals once he has this attack. Utilize the Recovery Wave spell, or prepare to down a lot of herbs. Thankfully, he won't enter into this state until he is pretty hurt, so you won't have to last too much longer before he goes down.

Once Nerthus is defeated you will recruit Mellore and the game will be kind enough to send you back to the entrance. No Rune of Return needed!

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