Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

The Island’s most dangerous denizen requires some strategy to defeat. Here’s how.

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

Fallout 4 is full of monstrous creatures, and there's no more monstrous creature than a giant, slimy lizard. Gulpers are enormous mutated salamanders that have grown many times their size and become far more aggressive than their generally sedate forebears. What's more, Gulpers have a lot of health and can deal a lot of damage to unarmored wanderers.

You'll generally want to avoid Gulpers wherever possible as the larger varieties are essentially The Island's equivalent of Deathclaws. But if you're unfortunate enough to encounter a Gulper during your time in Far Harbor, here's how you can defeat it.

Gulper General Information

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

Gulpers are large, mutated salamanders that will attack the player on sight. They come in several varieties, but most have large hit-point pools and deal significant damage. Gulpers will attack with their claws and jaws, and can also charge the player to bash them with their snouts. Larger Gulpers, such as the Gulper Devourer, can throw cars at the player with their head or tails.

Most Gulpers can be found wandering around freshwater locationson The Island. Some hang upside down in trees or on streetlamps to ambush the player as they walk underneath.

Players can harvest Gulper Innards from Gulpers after being defeated and some random junk items, possibly hinting at the voracious appetites of these creatures. Gulper Innards can be used to create Gulper Slurry, a food item that grants 10 seconds of invisibility (similar to Stealth Boys).

Gulper Slurry Recipe

  • 1 Acid, 1 Crystal, 1 Purified Water, 3 Gulper Innards + Cooking Station = 1 Gulper Slurry

Varieties of Gulper

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

Gulpers come in five different varieties. Gulpers are all resistant to poison and energy damage and immune to radiation effects. All Gulpers can only deal damage in melee with the player, except for larger Gulpers that can throw objects.

Gulper Newt

The smallest Gulper type, Gulper Newts are generally weak and easy to spot thanks to their lighter coloration. Treat these Gulpers as you would most other trash mobs.

Young Gulper

Young Gulpers are slightly larger and darker than Gulper Newts. They also have more hit points and deal more damage than Gulper Newts.

Adult Gulper

Adult Gulpers are larger still and have dark skin that blends in well with their surroundings. They're also more likely to hang from trees and ambush the player as they walk past.

Glowing Gulper

These Gulpers are the same as Adult Gulpers but deal additional radiation damage when they strike. Glowing Gulpers are easily identified by their glowing green hue.

Gulper Devourer

The largest and strongest variety of Gulper, Gulper Devourers are the equivalent of Deathclaws. They're extremely dangerous, able to throw large objects at the player such as cars, and can knock players off their feat with powerful blows.

Where To Find Gulpers

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

Gulpers can be found all over The Island, but they're typically found near fresh water in marshy locations. They are especially common at the following locations:

  • National Park Campground
  • Old Pond House
  • Cranberry Island Bog
  • Atom Spring

How To Fight Gulpers

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

All Gulpers will initiate combat by charging at the player and performing a snout attack. Follow-up attacks will be strikes with their claws and teeth. Larger Gulpers (such as the Gulper Devourer) can throw large objects at the player like cars and boulders.

Because most Gulpers deal exclusively melee damage, the best way to fight a Gulper is to spot it early and shoot it from far away. This can be easier said than done, however, as most Gulpers are well-camouflaged and some will even hide in trees and streetlamps.

Try to avoid traveling through swamps at night . Gulpers are very hard to spot at night in a foggy swamp, making it easy for them to ambush you.

Gulpers are resistant to poison, energy, and radiation damage, so stick with a powerful gun that deals regular physical damage. A sniper rifle, revolver, or similar weapon is ideal.

Once you've spotted a Gulper, immediately start crouching to avoid drawing its attention. Try to sneak attack the Gulper from as far away as possible using a silenced weapon. This way, the Gulper won't know where it's being attacked from, and you can hit it with multiple shots.

Fallout 4: How To Find And Defeat Gulpers

Aim for the Gulper's soft underbelly or its head for maximum damage. Gulper heads can be difficult to identify, so use VATS where possible.

If a Gulper spots you, immediately begin back-pedaling to give yourself more shooting time. Gulpers will charge at incredible speed, so use VATS to pump out as many rounds as possible before it can . If you find yourself in a melee with a Gulper Devourer, turn tail and run.

Very few builds can survive a boxing match with a Gulper Devourer . There’s no shame in retreating and using strategy to defeat a Gulper. Where all else fails, rocket launchers can be very effective .

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