Fallout 76: How To Make And Move Your CAMP

It’s time to settle down and create your base.

Fallout 76: How To Make And Move Your CAMP

During your travels in Fallout 76, you'll learn about the flourishing population of odd characters who've made the Wasteland their home. With Vault 76 behind you, it's now your turn to make the most of your new life. With your CAMP device, you can set up base wherever you see fit.

While the Mr. Handys of Vault 76 are kind enough to provide you with a free CAMP, they don't provide a thorough explanation on how to use the device. Luckily, placing your CAMP and moving the device is a simple feat. Just make sure you have some Caps on standby if you're a little indecisive.

How To Make Your CAMP

Fallout 76: How To Make And Move Your CAMP

On your way out of Vault 76, you'll pick up the CAMP device. With this device, you can set up a CAMP nearly anywhere in the Wasteland.

There are plenty of great locations to place your CAMP , so take some time to explore the Wasteland before you set up your base.

When you've chosen the location of your CAMP, open the Pip Boy and select Place CAMP.

The device will glow green if you're in a suitable location to set up. Generally, the CAMP can be placed on flat areas that don't overlap with buildings and locations.

You can also get some tips for setting up CAMP from Mort at The Wayward. Mort will provide you with several tapes that offer tips on creating a successful CAMP.

Once the CAMP is placed, approach it and select Build to start crafting structures for your base.

If you select Modify while in Build mode, you can select the CAMP and move it around the base. You can move the CAMP to any area within the green ring surrounding your base.

With your Map, you can access your CAMP slots to place down multiple CAMPs. Only one can be active at a time, but you can easily change which CAMP is active from the CAMP Map.

To unlock additional CAMP slots, you'll need to purchase them from the Atomic Shop for 1,000 Atoms.

How To Move Your CAMP

Fallout 76: How To Make And Move Your CAMP

If you want to move your CAMP beyond to an entirely new area, open your Pip Boy and select Move CAMP.

Moving your CAMP will cost 16 Caps, so think carefully before you decide to pack up and move.

Any objects built at your CAMP will be instantly scrapped when you move your CAMP. You'll receive all the materials used to craft these objects, so you can easily rebuild whatever was destroyed.

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