Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

We cover the best locations to set up your CAMP in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

One of the key factors to efficient gameplay in Fallout 76 is finding an ideal plot of land to build your CAMP. Having a strategically placed home base can completely transform your experience, so we've raked up a wide variety of optimal locations for you to choose from.

Below you will learn about the amenities that make an optimal campsite, the best CAMP locations on the market right now, and how to bring those blueprints for your dream CAMP to fruition. Let's take a look at the best CAMP locations in Fallout 76.

Updated April 20, 2024, by Andrew Scariati: The best CAMP locations in Fallout 76 are in high demand after the Fallout TV series debut, which brought in a wave of newcomers to Appalachia. Since many of Fallout 76's best CAMP locations are crowded, we've added some alternative options that will keep you within range of key points of interest, resources, and events.

What Makes A Good CAMP?

Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

Before we delve into the selection of prime post-apocalyptic real estate Fallout 76 has to offer, let's take a look at what you should be looking for in these Fallout 76 CAMP locations.

  • Safety first, especially in this post-apocalyptic era. You'll want to build in an advantageous position to protect your CAMP.
  • Fast Travel is one of the perks of building a CAMP. This means it's good to place it away from other Fast Travel points to set up an effective Fast Travel network.
  • Resources are also important. Utilizing old establishments or abandoned buildings in your CAMP can be cost-effective, and provide the landscape for a one-of-a-kind base given a creative eye. Strategically placing your CAMP near valuable resource mines or bountiful hunting grounds is also a good tactic.
  • Central locations may be important for trading with vendors and may have a stash conveniently located to drop off loot after questing.
  • Water is probably the most essential priority for most CAMPs. It provides an easy source of purified water while also serving as a natural defense to ward off most enemies when optimally positioned around your campground.
  • Even terrain is scarce among all the splendor and glory West Virginia has to offer. Unfortunately, the game is extremely finicky about building placement on rough terrain.

The Best Camp Locations & What They Have To Offer

Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

Gilman Lumber Mill



Built-in cover and defense.

The chain link fencing is rusty.

Low-threat area.

Free wood supply.

Wood Extractor site.

Flat terrain.

Located in Appalachia's Forest region, the Gilman Lumber Mill offers immediate shelter inside the mill while you begin building your base.

The rusty sections of chain link fencing surrounding the yard offer meager protection .

This lumberyard is actually quite peaceful for the wasteland, meaning security isn't a huge concern.

A perk of this lot is a free and ready-to-use wood supply, thanks to the old mill robots still going about their usual routine of piling the scattered logs.

With so many perks and so little to be wary of in Appalachia's low-level Forest Region, Gilman Lumber Mill stands out as one of the best Fallout 76 CAMP locations.

East of The Wayward



Extensive tree cover.

The area is a frequent spawn for random enemies like Liberator Robots.

Wood and water access.

Moderate material investment and building time are required.

Free materials from the Overseer's Stash nearby.

Frequented by many travelers and is near other fast travel.

Easy vendor access via The Wayward.

This area should provide all the essentials you will need for early and mid-game play. You have several key locations in every direction that you can rely on for resources.

With access to Helvetia to your south, Arktos Pharma to the east, and Gauley Mine to the north, there are numerous materials to collect and some useful weapon mods you can craft using those items.

If you can get past the inconvenient enemy spawns, then this area has almost no major long-term downsides.

Lakeside Grill



Built-in cover.

No substantial border defenses.

Water access.

The area is often set upon by Snallygasters and Ghouls.

Free loot such as food, materials, etc.

This useful junk-filled location in Toxic Valley provides immediate shelter within its '60s-themed diner doors. This Fallout 76 CAMP location also has water access and, of course, plenty of loot.

You will have to deal with the local Snallygasters and Ghouls periodically attempting to take back their stomping grounds, though.

Missile Silo Alpha



It is one of the few flat-building opportunities.

High-traffic area, meaning a high risk of theft.

Water access.

No substantial natural defenses.

From the outside, Missile Silo Alpha doesn't appear more than an abandoned shack with some scattered junk rusting away in the yard. But the shack is just a facade to masquerade the elevator inside, which leads down to one of three nuclear missile bases.

This Savage Divide location isn't the most secluded locale, and it may get raided depending on who's passing through the area.

If you're willing to suffer poor home security, the site offers one of the few flat plots of land on the map on which to build your structure and a pond for convenient water purification. It's another of the best Fallout 76 CAMP locations with a fairly even give-and-take.

Morgantown Trainyard



Water access.

No substantial natural defenses.

Vendor access.

Unsecluded location.

Nearby stash.

Not an ideal additional Fast Travel waypoint.

Nearby loot.

Local public events.

Just west of this train station in Appalachia's Forest region, Morgantown Trainyard might just be one of the best Camp locations Fallout 76 has on offer for traders.

This CAMP location provides easy access to water along with the station's vendors and an extra stash chest for sorting and selling junk.

In addition, Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant and Gorge Junkyard are nearby sources of loot.

If you're keen on public events, the airport is also conveniently located nearby .

However, if an expansive Fast Travel network was among your priorities, this site is located near Vault 76, so you may consider settling elsewhere to make better use of the Fast Travel points.

Forest Alcove



Natural defensive positioning.

No immediate water access.

Nearby Cooking and Armor stations.

Less room to build.

Nearby Oil and Iron deposits.

In the forest near Vault 51, there is a picturesque woodland alcove with a flat clearing you could use to build a quaint CAMP against the rock face.

This location is secluded and boasts natural defenses thanks to the trees and cliffs surrounding it. It's also one of the better locations in terms of resources and utility, given the Oil and Iron deposits in the surrounding vicinity and the nearby Armor Workbench and Cooking Station.

Abandoned Monongah Raider Base



Pre-existing structure.

Super mutant spawn.

Tower vantage points.

Not well-guarded.

Cooking station up the road.

No easy water access.

Weapons Workbench to the west.

Dangerous spawns nearby.

Gold deposit to the southwest.

Silver deposit and Chemistry Station to the south.

Lead deposit to the east.

Iron deposit to the north.

There's a unique building opportunity at an abandoned raider base just east of the Monongah Overlook as you head up Route 95 towards Monongah Mine.

The old base consists of two towers with a rampart and another shack behind, all of which can be built in and around to expand the structure.

It's a prime location largely due to its proximity to several valuable material deposits and utility stations.

The downfall of this location is that it's known to spawn super mutants, which no one wants their CAMP overrun with.

There are also multiple broken-down cars scattered around the premises which will explode if you shoot them.

These cars can make a handy built-in home defense system . Just mind your aim and proximity to the vehicles during target practice.

The Raider Shack



Optimal defensive positioning.

No immediate water access.

Secluded location.

Rural positioning makes foot travel difficult.

Prime Fast Travel location.

Difficult building terrain.

Nearby shelter to begin building.

Free raider loot.

Cooking Pot.

Tinkers Bench.


Winding your way up into the hills of Hemlock Hole, southwest of Wavy Willards's in the Toxic Valley, this secluded raider shack has a bird's eye view.

As an unmarked location, this CAMP location comes partially constructed as an old raider base, allowing you to have a bit of a sandbox adventure in constructing a unique wasteland-chic pad.

Its cliffside positioning gives it ample coverage. It's also a great location to get a jump-start on your CAMP crafting station and provides several other amenities.

This location sits at the top of the map, making travel to certain areas rather difficult , but it might not be a bad idea for a Fast Travel location .

Seneca Rock Bridge



High-quality water access.

Precarious location, but it can be worth the risk.

Nearby Blackberry source.

Easy defended.

Convenient location for mid-game quests.

This rusty bridge set amid the Seneca Rocks between the Pleasant Valley Cabins and Atlas Observatory in the Savage Divide is a precarious choice for a home.

While it may seem like you're tempting fate by building amid this jagged terrain, the unique positioning provides minimal access, making for great protection. What's more, it sits above a river that's ripe for water purifiers.

The Seneca Rock Bridge is among the best Fallout 76 CAMP locations with few and rather inconsequential drawbacks to settling here.

Mole Miner Tunnel



High-ground defensive advantage.

Not a prime central location.

Proximity to a train station.

No immediate water access.

Lead deposit.

Near the Mole Miner Tunnel situated between the Palace of The Winding Path and Sunnytop Station, there is a hilltop in the Savage Divide that is perfect for making CAMP.

Aside from the conveniently located trainyard and the high-ground advantage, this lot also includes a lead deposit where you can set up an extractor.

Tyler County Dirt Track



Natural shelter.


Water access.

Local aluminum resource.

Level building ground.

Natural defenses.

Central to public workshops.

If you take part in public workshop events often, Tyler County Dirt Track in the Forest region is a prime location offering water access and an aluminum deposit.

The well-beaten track provides a level foundation for building on.

There's also a fence that runs around the track and serves as a handy natural CAMP border, and the nearby parking garage can serve as a makeshift shelter during construction.

Aside from being rather open to attack and forsaking a high-ground advantage, the Dirt Track places among the best CAMP locations in Fallout 76 for having virtually no drawbacks.

EL-B1-02 Relay Tower



Cliffside positioning reduces necessary defensive measures.

Few additional defenses.

Flat terrain for building upon.

Nearby Extractor site.

Nearby Firecracker Berry source.

On-site water access (which can also provide additional defense.)

Slightly east of the El-B1-02 Relay Tower in the Savage Divide, outside of Watoga, there is a sheltered cliffside. This makes for prime real estate, plus it has a nearby extractor site, a natural food source of Firecracker Berries, and on-site water access.

Aside from its cliffside positioning requiring the resident only to defend half of the CAMP border, this location doesn't offer a ton of additional defenses.

Between its fairly secluded positioning, adequate resources, and relatively flat terrain, this cliffside hollow takes a deserved spot among our Fallout 76 best CAMP locations.

You can make the most of the on-site water source by building a suspended CAMP over it to keep enemies at bay .

Whitespring Golf Course



Built-in security.

Busy, high-traffic area.

Central location.

Flat terrain.

LOTS of nearby supplies, including very rare and exclusive ones.

The Forest region-based golf course provides a unique safety measure for your CAMP in that AI patrols the grounds to ward off hostiles.

Furthermore, the nearby Whitespring Resort is a supremely profitable region to farm late-game supplies. There are also vast building possibilities to sprawl across the still meticulously maintained grounds.

You'll have to forfeit seclusion, given that the Whitespring area is a prominent central location with many alluring features to draw in passing travelers.

Further East Of Whitespring Resort

Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations



Quieter, safer spot while still central

Enemy spawns can be troublesome if near Solomon's Pond

to West Tek Research Center

Access to Emmet Mountain Disposal Site

Easily accessible vendors and supplies.

If the Whitespring Resort is too hot of a spot for your liking, you can make an excellent alternative CAMP further east.

This area is almost equidistant from West Tek Research Center, Emmet Mountain Disposal Site, and Whitespring itself, making it one of the best CAMP locations Fallout 76 can offer if you like action.

The Emmet Mountain Disposal Site is also home to the Emmet Mountain Hazmat Suit , a rare variation only found in this location.

While your CAMP itself should be decently secluded if you place it far enough from the surrounding points of interest, you're never far from some combat or resource-rich locations.

Near Fort Defiance



Proximity to Fort Defiance, quests, events, and resources.

Busy area with dangerous events and enemy spawns.

enough to the Nuke drop location to the southeast.

Prone to Scorchbeast attacks.

Excellent spot for loot and experience.

Mostly flat terrain.

Fort Defiance is located in the southeastern quadrant of the map, just outside the blast zone of dropped nukes.

Despite being a fairly dangerous location, Fort Defiance (formerly known as Allegheny Asylum) is one of the best Fallout 76 CAMP locations for collectors, especially if you're looking for the Red Asylum Uniform.

This is one of the rarest and most sought-after outfits in the game.

There are nine different Asylum variations: white (clean or dirty), brown, blue, green, pink, yellow, forest, and the rarest Red version.

Even if you don't care too much about collectible items, this spot will leave you on the brink of an all-out battle at any moment.

If you love combat and events, Fort Defiance will be one of Fallout 76's best CAMP locations, but it's recommended to grab a group, as playing solo in this area can be difficult due to the sheer number of enemies that may overwhelm you.

How To Move CAMP

Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

Making and moving your CAMP can be a hassle, but Fallout 76's best CAMP locations are worth a little extra work.

To save time, you'll want to save your work by creating a Blueprint after you build your base. This will make it easy to relocate your CAMP if you wish (and have the caps to spare). To make a Blueprint, follow the steps below.

  1. Switch from "Build Mode" to "Edit Mode."
  2. Select the prompt to create a Blueprint at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Walk up to the building to ensure you have the correct blueprint selected, as the interface is finicky about selecting a specific building to Blueprint.
  4. Now simply name and save the Blueprint, and you will be able to reconstruct it in a new location at any time.

Blueprints will use up any spare components you have before burning new materials.

However, the plans will not include a full structure, so be sure to break your CAMP down into singular components before storing it to avoid wasting materials.

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