Fallout Shelter: 3x Objective Completion, Explained

Vault-Tec makes some excellent advancements with pets.

Fallout Shelter: 3x Objective Completion, Explained

When playing Fallout Shelter, there are plenty of objectives to complete to earn various rewards, from bottle caps to Lunchboxes and Pet Carriers. However, some objectives have lofty goals that will take forever to complete. Thankfully, there are ways to speed up your progress without doing additional work.

To make the most of your Vault's hard work, and to get as many rewards as possible, you'll want to complete objectives quickly. There's a bonus that can help, but you'll have to be lucky enough to find it first. Here's everything you need to know about the objective completion bonus and how to use it to your advantage!

How To Use The Objective Completion Bonus

Fallout Shelter: 3x Objective Completion, Explained

When you get difficult objectives to complete, such as collecting 130 food in under a minute or surviving 6 Radscorpion attacks, you'll want to get them out of the way. You'll get rewards like more bottle caps and Lunchboxes, but the lofty totals and overall challenge can delay your progress.

However, pets like the Vault-Tec Parrot have specific bonuses that can help make this much easier. Simply put, the x3 Objective Completion Bonus means that, when equipped to a Dweller, any progress towards an objective is tripled by that Dweller.

The default bonus is x2 Objective Completion for the Vault-Tec Parrot.

The Legendary variant has the x3 Objective Completion bonus .

For example, if you need to collect 3,000 bottle caps, equip a Dweller with the blue macaw and have them earn 1,000 caps on their own. Each cap will count as three instead of one, helping you reach this goal much faster.

The best thing to do if you're lucky enough to find this pet is to move them around regularly. Send them out with Dwellers into the wasteland to complete objectives, but be warned that they can't be swapped if not assigned to someone actively in the Vault.

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