Fallout Shelter: Bottle And Cappy, Explained

Unlock Bottle and Cappy in Fallout Shelter, and discover what they do, with our guide.

Fallout Shelter: Bottle And Cappy, Explained

As the overseer of your very own Fallout Shelter, you're faced with the overwhelming task of keeping your Vault Dwellers safe, but in order for your vault to run at maximum efficiency, you also need to keep them happy. And what better way to turn those frowns upside down than with a visit from Nuka-Cola's mascots, Bottle and Cappy?

Who knows who is inside the suits, or if these two carbonated characters are some kind of horrible new wasteland mutant. Either way, they'll bring your Vault Dwellers joy, bottlecaps, and ice-cold Nuka-Cola, for a refreshing burst of atomic energy. If you can find them, that is.

How To Unlock Bottle And Cappy As Guests

Fallout Shelter: Bottle And Cappy, Explained

Bottle and Cappy have been kidnapped from Nuka-World, and it's up to you to save them. Soon after building the Overseer's Office, you'll see a quest called Bottlecap Blues, which is the first of five quests in the Nabbed from Nuka-World questline.

Bottlecap Blues requires your Vault Dwellers to be at least level 12 and equipped with weapons that deal at least four damage. Up to three Vault Dwellers can go on this quest. Later quests require higher levels and damage.

Here's what the full questline looks like:


Short Description



What You'll Do

Bottlecap Blues

Track down Bottle and Cappy's kidnappers.

Rusty laser pistol

Level 12, 4+ DAM weapons

Look for traces of Bottle and Cappy in the abandoned factory, where they were last spotted.

In Hot Pursuit

Pursue Bottle and Cappy's kidnappers.

Nuka-Cola Quantum x2, Rare junk

Level 13, 5+ DAM weapons

A survivor who recently escaped from Raiders suggests searching Vault 177. Look for signs here.

Playing Catch-up

Pursue Bottle and Cappy's kidnappers.

Assault rifle, Common junk, 402 caps

Level 14, 5+ DAM weapons

Look around Poseidon Energy's offices for any clues about where Bottle and Cappy might be.

Pet Peeve

Pursue Bottle and Cappy's kidnappers.

Advanced radiation suit

Level 15, 6+ DAM weapons

Look through the RobCo Building to find any indication of where Bottle and Cappy could be.

A Refreshing Rescue

Rescue Bottle and Cappy from the Nuka-Cola Factory.

Bottle & Cappy, Nuka-Cola Quantum x2, Rare junk

Level 16, 6+ DAM weapons

Save Bottle and Cappy from the Nuka-Cola Factory, ending the questline.

These quests have pretty minimal requirements, but you'll find them to be much easier if your Vault Dwellers are higher level and better equipped.

Once you've rescued Bottle and Cappy from the Raiders, they'll reward you with two bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum and a promise to visit your vault later .

What Do Bottle And Cappy Do?

Fallout Shelter: Bottle And Cappy, Explained

Unlike legendary Vault Dwellers, Bottle and Cappy will not move into your vault. Instead, they'll make irregular visits, opening your Vault Door without waiting for permission to enter and then exploring the vault freely.

While Bottle and Cappy are in your vault, all Vault Dwellers will get a temporary 20 percent boost to their happiness.

Happiness is important because it affects the rate at which your vault produces resources and how fast your Vault Dwellers complete training to improve their SPECIAL stats.

Bottle and Cappy usually split up after entering the vault, but try to keep an eye on them both. Every once in a while they'll stop exploring to dance and wave, accompanied by a special music track. Tapping on Cappy during this animation will get you a handful of bottlecaps. Tapping on Bottle will get you caps or Nuka-Cola Quantum.

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