Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

The wasteland is a dangerous but rewarding place for Dwellers.

Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

As you develop your skills as an overseer of your Vault in Fallout Shelter, you'll eventually need to venture outside your perfect society to find more resources than Power, Food, and Water. The wasteland holds many dangers, but rewards those who can survive its harsh environment.

There's a lot that can happen when your Vault Dwellers go exploring, and the consequences can be fatal if they are unprepared. Thankfully, a bit of planning can help improve their odds of success and bring more rewards to you upon their return. Here's everything you need to know about exploring in Fallout Shelter!

How Do You Send Dwellers To Explore?

To send Vault Dwellers out into the Wasteland, you'll need to select them and drag them outside the Vault Door. Then, you'll have the opportunity to equip them with gear, Stimpaks, and RadAways before they embark.

The better gear you equip them with, the more likely they are to survive and succeed in the wasteland!

From there, it's just a matter of time. While they're out, you can still oversee your Vault and other Dwellers. Any Dwellers who leave the Vault to explore will not return unless called back or upon reaching the maximum carrying capacity.

How Long Does It Take To Explore?

Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

There is no set time for how long it takes to explore. Once you send your Dwellers out, they will explore indefinitely, until you recall them or until they pick up 100 items, at which point they will turn around.

You can recall your Dwellers at any time by tapping on the wasteland, selecting the Dweller, and selecting the red Recall buttom.

Generally, this takes 2-5 days if they are fully equipped and trained to survive. When out exploring, your Dwellers will encounter various threats and challenges that will reward them with more bottle caps, weapons, outfits, and plenty of experience.

Dwellers can die in the wasteland if poorly equipped or left out for too long! They cannot be revived in a Survival mode Vault .

Fixed-Time Events When Exploring

Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

While out exploring, there are certain events that are bound to happen. While they won't necessarily happen the exact minute, they will happen within a few minutes of the trigger time.

Below is a table of the events your Dweller should prepare for:




Fugitive Slave


Broadcast Tower




Wounded Sheriff


Abandoned Shack


Traveling Ghoul


Locked safe


Wandering Merchant


Super Duper Mart


Talon Company Mercs


Escaped Slaves


Hunter Help


Liberate Slave Camp


Drunken Drifter


Gas Station


Abandoned Diner


Lost Farmer


National Guard Depot


Wandering Merchant


Encounter a Mr. Handy

Random encounters can happen as well, which engage your Dwellers and offer more rewards!

What Happens If A Dweller Dies While Exploring?

If a Dweller dies while exploring, you have two options: revive them or remove them. If you remove them, the Dweller will be permanently removed from the Vault, and anything they found while exploring will be lost to the wasteland. This is not ideal, so don't do it.

Instead, revive them. This costs a fair amount of caps, but it's worth it to have your Dwellers continue exploring or return to you. In Survival mode, the revive option is unavailable – so keep a eye on exploring Dwellers.

You can continually revive your Dwellers when they die, though it will quickly become expensive. Try training to increase Dweller Endurance and HP!

What SPECIAL Stats Affect Exploring?

Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

SPECIAL stats impact how efficient your Dwellers are in the Vault, but they are equally important in the wasteland. Below is a table that explains how each stat is beneficial for exploring:

Stat Initial

Stat Name

Stat Description



Increases the chances for Dwellers to open locked things and inflict more damage when attacking.



Increases the chances for Dwellers to find better quality items.



Increases a Dweller's HP, enabling them to take more damage and radiation before dying.



Increases the chances for Dwellers to meet non-hostile NPCs in the wasteland.



Increases the chances for Dwellers to help NPCs and earn rewards from them.



Increases the chances for Dwellers to run away from enemies they can't fight and increases the rate of fire in combat.



Increases the chances for Dwellers to find caps more frequently and in higher quantities, as well as increasing the odds for landing a critical hit.

Is Exploring the Wasteland Worth It?

Fallout Shelter: Complete Guide To Exploring

Exploring the wasteland is worth all the effort! Ideally, you want to have well-trained and equipped Dwellers leave the Vault, but if you're just starting out, it's okay to send unprepared Dwellers out for a short time. Make sure to keep an eye on them!

Dwellers can also return with junk for crafting !

The gear they bring back will help you conduct longer excursions outside the Vault over time. Don't forget to bring them back to increase Dweller happiness between trips.

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