Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

If you have a question about Fallout Shelter, we likely have the answer right here.

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Fallout Shelter has you stepping into the role of overseer and running your own vault, expanding it room by room and inviting more dwellers into the safety of your little community. You'll have to meet the needs of all your vault dwellers, deal with various attacks and incidents, and of course, you can choose to go out and explore the wasteland.

As you take on the responsibility of your very own vault, you might have a few burning questions you need the answers to, and that's where we come in. We've got everything you need to know right here.

Is This Game Free?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Fallout Shelter is free to download to play but does offer microtransactions. These are entirely optional and unlike many mobile games, you don't have to see a single ad if you don't want to and won't need to part with a penny.

What's Available Via Microtransactions?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Nuka-Cola Quantum Bottles

These are effectively a currency, which can be spent to speed up processes both in and outside of the Vault.

It is available in various quantities.

Vault-Tec Lunchboxes

Vault-Tex Lunchboxes can include dwellers, CAPS, resources, weapons, amor, Pets, Stimpacks, RadAways, Junk, Nuka-Cola, or Mr. Handys, but it's entirely pot luck as to what you get in each. You get five cards per Lunchbox, each card nets you one of the above items.

These are available in various quantities.

Pet Carriers

Each carrier contains one pet, which can be Common, Rare, or Legendary.

These are available in various quantities.

Mr. Handy Robots

Mr. Handy will roam around your Vault collecting resourcing or can be sent into the Wasteland to collect CAPS. There is an eight percent chance of getting a Snip Snip instead of a Mr. Handy from these.

​​​​​​​These are available in singles or bundles of five.

Which Platforms Is Fallout Shelter Available On?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Fallout Shelter is available for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4

Can You Visit Other Players' Vaults?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Unfortunately, you cannot visit other players' vaults and there is no multiplayer element to this game.

What Is the Maximum Level For A Dweller?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Level 50 is the highest your dwellers can reach.

Can Dwellers Have Babies With Relatives?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

Dwellers will not have a baby with another dweller who they are related to and if placed in the Barracks together they will instead comment "Nothing like hanging out at home with my family."

How Long Does It Take For Babies To Be Born And Children To Grow Up?

Fallout Shelter: FAQ Guide

It takes three hours for a pregnant woman to give birth to a new dweller. Once born, it will take another three hours for a child to mature into an adult that can be put to work.

You can check out our complete Babymaking Guide here .

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