Fallout Shelter: How To Delete And Move Rooms

Want some organization? Here’s how you can delete and move rooms within your vault in Fallout Shelter!

Fallout Shelter: How To Delete And Move Rooms

Fallout Shelter is a game that immerses you in the role of building and managing an underground vault to protect dwellers. It needs your full attention to stay organized. Good construction and management are crucial for a better experience.

Once you embark on this immersive experience, it's crucial to grasp the basics of building, rebuilding, and moving rooms within your vault. As you delve deeper, organizing your vault becomes a crucial step in improving it. Luckily, this guide is here to help you learn how to delete and move the rooms you want.

How To Destroy Rooms In Fallout Shelter

Before you delete a room, remember that once it's deleted, you can't get it back unless you build another one. So, if you're sure you want to delete it, you can proceed by ensuring you meet specific conditions.

  • The first condition to deleting a room is to unassign any dwellers from it. Make sure the room has no dwellers before you continue with the deletion process.
  • As a second condition to deleting a room, make sure it's on the edge. You can't delete a room if it's between two others. If you try, you'll get a message saying it's connected with two rooms. If the room isn't on the edge, you'll need to delete all the rooms on one side until it's on the edge.

Once you meet the conditions, you can delete the room:

  • Click on the room you want to delete.
  • Click on the upgrade arrow, then you'll see the "Destroy" option under the Upgrade button.
  • If you've met all the conditions mentioned, once you click "Destroy," you'll receive a confirmation asking if you want to destroy the room. If you want to proceed, click "OK" to delete the room.

How To Move Rooms In Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter: How To Delete And Move Rooms

Currently, there's no direct way to move rooms. This means that if you want to relocate a room, you must first destroy it and then rebuild it in the new location. This process requires careful consideration to avoid unnecessary destruction of rooms and wasting resources and time.

Plan and manage your layout carefully from the start to avoid the expense of moving rooms later on.

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