Fallout Shelter: How To Find The Mysterious Stranger

Who is he, and how can you find him?

Fallout Shelter: How To Find The Mysterious Stranger

While going about your day-to-day tasks in Fallout Shelter, you may find an intruder in your midst. No, it's not an enemy – it's a mysterious stranger! If you can catch him, there are rewards to be had. The problem is that he's hard to catch. Thankfully, we know what to do.

Once the Mysterious Stranger appears in your Vault, you'll need to act fast before the opportunity passes you by. It's not a big deal if you miss him, but catching him can help you get ahead. Here's everything you need to know about the Mysterious Stranger and how to find him.

Who Is The Mysterious Stranger?

Fallout Shelter: How To Find The Mysterious Stranger

If you play Fallout Shelter long enough, you may hear a strange tone play. It sounds like a piano riff. This sudden change in music signals the appearance of none other than the Mysterious Stranger!

The Mysterious Stranger will not appear if the power is out in any room. Make sure to have plenty of resources !

When he appears, you'll need to actquickly to find him before he disappears. Finding him grants you a random amount of caps. He appears about every ten minutes, roughly, granting you plenty of opportunities to find him.

Tips For Finding The Mysterious Stranger

Catching the Mysterious Stranger isn't too difficult, but it's easy to miss him since there's a small window of time to locate him. This is especially true as your Vault gets bigger and expands to deeper levels.

To help you maximize your time and make more caps, here are some tips to help you find the Mysterious Stranger when he appears:

  • Zoom out. When you hear the piano riff, zoom all the way out and take a look around. The Mysterious Stranger wears a trench coat and a fedora, so he'll stand out from your other Vault Dwellers and their standard-issue suits.
  • Focus on the volume. The r the Mysterious Stranger is to you, the louder the tone will be. This only works if you're zoomed into a room when he appears.
  • Suspend the app. On mobile, you can enter app switcher mode and suspend the game. This stops the animations (and the timer), allowing you to scan the zoomed out image as long as you need to.
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