Fallout Shelter: How To Get Characters From The Fallout TV Show

Say hello to your favorite Dwellers from Vault 33 and the wasteland!

Fallout Shelter: How To Get Characters From The Fallout TV Show

Fallout Shelter has many Dwellers that make an appearance, from video game cameos to TV show characters. Collecting your favorite characters adds more personality to your Vault and increases how SPECIAL it is. With the success of the Fallout TV series, there are new Dwellers you can add!

These Dwellers are free to claim, but you'll have to do a bit of work first. Thankfully, we've gone ahead for you so you can prepare your Dwellers. Here's how to get Lucy, the Ghoul, and other Dwellers from the show in your Vault to increase production and get new gear in Fallout Shelter!

How To Unlock Lucy MacLean

A Pier Into The Future

The first of the Fallout characters you can unlock is Lucy Maclean. Go to the Overseer's Office and select the quest titled A Pier Into The Future. It will take about 15 minutes to reach the destination, and you'll need to have a Dweller that's at least level ten.

When your group of Dwellers arrives, you'll need to defeat all the enemies in the area until you find Lucy underground. She'll follow you back to your Vault, and you can continue to explore or return to your Vault.

When you return, Lucy will be waiting outside. She can be assigned to any room within the Vault.

Lucy's highest stats are Perception, Luck, and Endurance , so she's a great candidate for resource production or exploring the wasteland .

How To Unlock The Ghoul

Ghoul In Black

Following Lucy's recruitment, The Ghoul can be found during the next quest. The Ghoul in Black sends your team to deal with a ruckus in a nearby graveyard.

You'll need to have Dwellers that are at least level ten, and Lucy (or someone wearing her gear) is also required to go. Explore the area until you find the Ghoul, who will meet you back at your Vault.

The Ghoul's highest stats are Endurance, Charisma, and Agility, with Perception following behind.

How To Unlock Maximus

My Brothers' Keeper

To complete My Brothers' Keeper, you'll need to send both Lucy and the Ghoul out at level 10. You'll reach the Brotherhood of Steel after about three hours and have to fight a Deathclaw that's gotten loose upstairs.

Keep going to find Maximus in the second-to-last room. He'll ask you to keep a secret for him and then meet you back at your Vault. His highest stats are Agility, Endurance, and Strength, making him a perfect fit for power production, food production, and exploration.

How To Unlock Ma June

All Killy No Filly

The fourth quest in this series sends you to Filly to help Ma June with a Raider problem. It takes about six hours to reach Filly, and both Lucy and Maximus will need to be sent out once they are level 20.

The Ghoul makes for a great third member of the team!

You'll find Ma June upstairs after clearing your way through several rooms of Raiders. She'll meet you back at the Vault, where she can be assigned anywhere. Her highest stats are Perception, Luck, and Charisma, so she does well with water production and working in the Radio Studio.

How To Unlock The Snake Oil Salesman

Hooked On Tonics

The following quest is called Hooked On Tonics, where you'll find the Snake Oil Salesman on the upper floors of the building after a 12 hour trek through the wasteland. You'll need to ask him for help with assisting the injured people from Filly.

Lucy and The Ghoul must be level 20 to embark on this quest.

He'll pack everything up and return to the Vault, where you can assign him to a job. Charisma and Intelligence are his highest stats, so having him make Stimpaks and RadAways is a good idea.

How To Unlock Snip Snip

Snipping Coupons

Snip Snip is a useful ally that can be found during the Snipping Coupons quest. After a 10 hour trek through the wasteland, The Ghoul and Maximus will find an abandoned Super Duper Mart. Snip Snip can be found inside, and will give you the Vault 33 Diner theme.

Back at your Vault, Snip Snip operates like any other Mr. Handy robot. This makes them a useful ally during raids and other incidents around the Vault.

How To Unlock CX404

Codename: Dog

Finding pets in Fallout Shelter is as exciting as finding new Dwellers. During the quest Codename: Dog, you will fight off NPCs to get CX404, a fluffy German Shepherd pet that boosts the experience gain of the Dweller she's assigned to.

It will take 15 hours for Lucy and The Ghoul to reach the Red Rocket where CX404 is located. You won't see her, but upon defeating the hostile NPCs, the quest will be completed and you'll receive CX404.

How To Get Scarred Power Armor

Astronomical Aggression

The final quest in this series sends you after the leader of the NCR. You'll race to the top of the building with your team to stop the scheme and save the wasteland. Your reward for all this is the Scarred Power Armor suit, which you can equip your Dwellers with.

Lucy and Maximus are required for this quest. They must be level 20.

Make sure to bring plenty of Stimpaks because you'll have to fight several rooms full of enemies. When all's said and done, return to the vault victorious. With that, you've completed the Vault 33 quests and filled your Vault with all new friends and equipment!

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