Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Bottle Caps And Lunchboxes

Everyone needs more bottle caps and lunchboxes.

Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Bottle Caps And Lunchboxes

When playing Fallout Shelter, there's nothing better than saving up your bottle caps and opening Lunchboxes. However, if you're just starting out, it's not easy to accumulate many at once. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get more so that your Vault can thrive, whether you earn them or purchase them from the store.

Having more bottle caps will let you upgrade and expand your Vault, while Lunchboxes can grant you resources, weapons, and Dwellers that will greatly improve your Vault. Here's everything you need to do to gather more bottle caps and Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter so that your Vault is the best it can be!

How To Farm Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are the currency used by Dwellers in the Vault. You can build new rooms with the bottle caps and upgrade existing ones, making your Vault more efficient.

You can collect more bottle caps by doing the following:


How To Get More Bottle Caps

Production Rooms

You can earn caps by collecting resources in the Vault.


Rushing a room successfully can result in additional caps.


When you send Dwellers into the wasteland to explore, they can find bottle caps.

Selling Weapons and Outfits

If you have extra weapons or outfits, you can sell them for a handful of caps.

Leveling Up

Leveling up your Dwellers will reward you with a small amount of caps.

Completing Objectives

When you complete objectives, you'll be rewarded with bottle caps.


When opening a Lunchbox, you can potentially draw a bottle caps card. There are two options: 100 caps and 500 caps.

Finding the Mysterious Stranger

When you hear a piano riff play, the Mysterious Stranger has appeared in your Vault! Finding and catching him will reward you with a random amount of bottle caps.

Daily Report

You can earn a handful of caps from your daily report.


When you defeat invaders, you can sometimes loot their bodies for caps.

How To Farm Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes are one of the most valuable items you can find in the wasteland. Inside are a handful of cards that can reward you with resources, rare weapons, pets, and Dwellers.

There are only a few ways you can obtain Lunchboxes, and they are:


How To Get More Lunchboxes

Completing Objectives

When you complete objectives, you can earn Lunchboxes.

Completing Quests

Certain quests offer Lunchboxes as a reward.

Purchasing from the Store

You can purchase Lunchboxes from the store.

Daily Report

If you continue to collect rewards from your daily report, you can earn a Lunchbox.

Weekly Report

If your weekly report shows that you've maximized Dweller happiness, you'll get a Lunchbox.


On a rare occasion, enemies in the wasteland may drop Lunchboxes.

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