Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Resources

You won’t get far in the wasteland without power, food, or water.

Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Resources

Gathering resources is vital to having a happy and successful Vault in Fallout Shelter, and your Dwellers will work more efficiently so long as their needs are met. Keeping a steady supply of resources, however, is harder than it seems. Resources drain over time and incidents prevent your Dwellers from doing their jobs.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure you maintain a bulk of your resources to stay operational when emergencies happen with fewer losses. Here are the best ways to farm resources like power, food, and water in Fallout Shelter so that most of your Dwellers can enjoy mediocre lives!

How To Get More Power

Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Resources

Power is essential to Vault Dwellers. It keeps the lights on in all the different rooms you build and allows Dwellers to continue working at all hours. Without Power, rooms get shut down and left in the dark.

Rooms furthest from the Power supply will shut down first.

You can get more power by building Power Generator Rooms or Nuclear Reactors. Every few minutes, you'll be able to collect more Power and build a steady supply.

Additionally, there's a chance to find Power cards in Lunchboxes! This is a quick way to catch up on resources if you're low, but Lunchboxes are not guaranteed to provide resources.

Best Vault Dwellers To Get Power

Dwellers who have a high Strength stat will do better at producing Power. This decreases the amount of time needed to generate Power.

How To Get More Food

Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Resources

Unfortunately, Vault Dwellers need food to survive. Without it, they go hungry and their health will slowly decline. To keep them well-fed, you'll need to build Diners, Gardens, or Nuka-Cola Bottlers.

If you're low on Food, you can rush these rooms to speed up production! Be warned that failure results in an incident.

You can also find Food cards in Lunchboxes, so try opening one when you're low on food. This method isn't a guarantee to find extra food, but if you do pull the right card, you can replenish your supply.

Excess food will heal Dwellers over time!

Best Vault Dwellers To Get Food

The best SPECIAL stat to speed up Food production is Agility. Training your Dwellers in an Athletics Training Room will increase their Agility.

How To Get More Water

Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Resources

Water is more than just nourishing for your Vault Dwellers – but the potential for radiation is dangerous. Therefore, building Water Treatment or Water Purification Rooms is essential. Later, you can build a Nuka-Cola Bottler room to produce more.

Lunchboxes can replenish your Water supply if you draw a Water Card.

Without Water, Dwellers will start to take radiation damage, which reduces their maximum health until cured. Excess Water will do this over time, so it's important to keep a steady supply of Water for your Vault.

Best Vault Dwellers To Get Water

The most important SPECIAL stat for producing clean Water is Perception. Training Dwellers in the Armory will increase this stat, helping them to reduce the time it takes to produce clean Water when assigned to the corresponding room.

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