Fallout Shelter: How To Use Nuka Cola Quantum

A refreshing swig of Nuka Cola Quantum can speed up your vault in Fallout Shelter, if you know how to use it right.

Fallout Shelter: How To Use Nuka Cola Quantum

Fallout Shelter is quite a deviation from what most have come to expect in a typical Fallout game, but it has found its roots as a timeless classic for the series nonetheless. Ditching the open-world roleplaying for a base-management game that has you take over the role of a Vault overseer, it's incredibly different to anything the series has done before.

While resource management is the main driving force in the gameplay, there is one thing that will never change—finding and knowing how to use Nuka-Cola Quantum is a must.

What Can Nuka-Cola Quantum Be Used For?

Fallout Shelter: How To Use Nuka Cola Quantum

As is a common theme in most resource-management games, Fallout Shelter uses its rare, special item as an optional way to make your experience easier. Nuka-Cola Quantum can be used in five main ways:

  1. Expedite travel time for dwellers on quests and returning from exploring.
  2. Skip crafting times for items
  3. Skip multiple objectives in one day
  4. Skip quests
  5. Skip wait times for Barbershop customizations

All uses for this hot commodity revolve around speeding things up, so if you are feeling impatient about something, dip into your Nuka-Cola Quantum supply and keep moving forward.

How Do I Use Nuka-Cola Quantum?

Fallout Shelter: How To Use Nuka Cola Quantum

Each use for Nuka-Cola Quantum is accessed in its own way, and it may not always jump out at you.



Expedite Travel Time

When a dweller is returning from an exploration or on a quest, click outside the Vault and click the Nuka-Cola Quantum button.

Skip Crafting Time

When crafting an item, click the Finish button to spend the listed number of Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles.

Skip Multiple Objectives

From the Objectives menu, click the X to skip the listed objective. If you have already skipped one that day, you will be prompted to spend Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Skip Quests

In the Quests menu, click the X to skip a quest. You will be prompted to spend Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Note: If no X is showing, the quest is not skippable.

Skip Barbershop Customization Times

When a dweller is getting a customization done, click the Barbershop room and click the Nuka-Cola Quantum Finish button.

Before you jump in and start skipping everything, remember that Nuka-Cola Quantum is rare resource that is difficult to come by in large quantities. Use itsparingly and save it for when you really need it.

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