Fallout Shelter: Mr. Handy, Explained

Mr. Handys are useful mechanical assistants for your bases in Fallout Shelter. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Fallout Shelter: Mr. Handy, Explained

Carefully managing your Vault and procuring valuable resources is key to keeping your Dwellers happy in Fallout 76. However, it's easy to lose track of time as you're sifting through your storage or dealing with your third outbreak of Radroaches. All it takes is a few moments of distraction before your Dwellers are starving, and the power starts going out.

Luckily, Mr. Handy can take care of Vault resources when you're busy eavesdropping on your Dwellers. Living up to their name, Mr. Handy robots can handle a variety of tasks. Here's how you can make the most out of your multipurpose bots in your Vault.

What Is A Mr. Handy?

Fallout Shelter: Mr. Handy, Explained

Mr. Handy is a robot that will automatically collect resources in your Vault. The bot only collects resources from the floor he's on, so you'll need multiple Mr. Handys to manage resources on separate floors.

Up to five Mr. Handys can be active in your Vault , but only one Mr. Handy can occupy a floor.

Mr. Handys can also be sent out into the Wasteland to collect Caps. Five Mr. Handys can be sent to the Wasteland at once. However, Mr. Handys will only collect Caps, no junk or weapons will be collected.

Fallout Shelter: Mr. Handy, Explained

Mr. Handy can't be equipped with weapons, instead relying on his flamethrower and saw to deal with threats. These bots are also equipped with a fire extinguisher in case flames get out of hand. Radroaches are no problem for Mr. Handy, but a group of Raiders can easily take a chunk of his health.

When Raiders appear, assign your Mr. Handys to lower floors to protect the bots. You can always heal injured Dwellers, so have them deal with strong enemies instead.

How To Get And Repair Mr. Handy

Fallout Shelter: Mr. Handy, Explained

You can purchase a single Mr. Handy or a pack of five directly from the shop. You can also obtain a single Mr. Handy with the Vault-Tec Starter Pack or pull one randomly from a Lunchbox.

Your Mr. Handys can take damage during enemy encounters but can't be healed like your Dwellers. Once a Mr. Handy's health is depleted, he will be destroyed, but his scraps will remain in your Vault for repair. Repairing Mr. Handy costs the steep price of 2,000 Caps, so try to keep him out of harm's way.

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