Fallout Shelter: What Is Junk Used For?

One vault dweller’s trash is another vault dweller’s treasure.

Fallout Shelter: What Is Junk Used For?

There are plenty of items to gather in Fallout Shelter, and almost all of them have a purpose. Finding junk isn't as exciting as finding caps at first glance, but you can't be picky in a nuclear apocalypse. Using the materials at your disposal, you can make some pretty amazing things.

Junk is more than just a paperweight. Storing it will require some effort, but it's worth the investment to get better gear in the long run. Here's everything you need to know about junk in Fallout Shelter and how to make it work for you and your vault dwellers.

How To Get Junk

When you send dwellers out into the wasteland, they can find a variety of items, including junk. Additionally, you can loot junk from enemies and find it as a reward in lunchboxes. Quest rewards can also result in junk.

Despite the name, junk actually has its uses. Before you throw it out, it's worth holding onto it for a while to see what it can be turned into. There are several rarities of junk, and they are as follows:

Common Junk

Rare Junk

Legendary Junk

Alarm Clock

Brahmin Hide

Chemistry Flask

Baseball Glove


Giddyup Buttercup

Desk Fan


Gold Watch

Duct Tape


Military Duct Tape

Magnifying Glass


Military Circuit Board

Toy Car

Teddy Bear

Tri-Fold Flag



Yao Guai Hide

What To Use Junk For

Fallout Shelter: What Is Junk Used For?

Junk can be used in crafting, for weapons, outfits, and themes. The following rooms can be built in your vault to turn junk into something much more useful:

  • Weapon Workshop
  • Outfit Workshop
  • Theme Workshop

In these rooms, you can assign dwellers to craft items like new guns and gear. Weapons will take up to three types of junk (in quantities of five) and themes can take up to five types of junk (in quantities of six).

With the right materials and enough caps, you can craft almost anything you need.

It's a good idea to keep any junk you find so you can turn it into weapons or gear later. If you run out of storage space and can't afford more, you can always sell junk from your storage.

Selling junk isn't ideal, as you won't get many caps for it, and it's much more useful as a material for crafting.

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