Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Yuffie Combat Guide

Yuffie is a powerhouse all on her own. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to use her effectively.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Yuffie Combat Guide

Everyone's favourite indecisive ninja is back in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth after her dedicated DLC in Remake. She's still the same Materia-loving girl we've come to know and adore, though she has a few extra tricks up her sleeve this time around.

While no character in Rebirth is strictly surface-level in how they work, Yuffie definitely has a lot more mechanical depth you need to understand before you can play her effectively. Between aerial combat, throwing stars, and ninjutsu, Yuffie can be just as bewildering to play as to talk to. Let's dive in and figure out how to make her excel in combat.

Updated April 18, 2024 by Hilton Webster: While players got their first taste of Yuffie's gameplay in Remake's Intermission DLC, she's been greatly expanded in Rebirth with even more possibilities, from plentiful more weapons to myriad Synergy skills, all of which are listed below to play her to her fullest extent.

Combat Overview

Combat Basics

Like all others, Yuffie has two basic attack buttons in combat. However, she operates completely differently depending on whether or not she has her Throwing Star on her.

Yuffie Combat Basic Attacks

Square (Single Press)

Yuffie attacks the enemy with her Throwing Star for each press of the button, or fires off a blast of Ninjutsu if her star has been thrown.

Square (Holding Down)

This has Yuffie perform an evasive attack where she hits the enemy before jumping away. Without her throwing star, she performs a ground attack that recalls her Throwing Star.

Triangle (Single Press)

Yuffie will throw her star, allowing her to use Ninjutsu, or jump to reclaim her Throwing Star wherever it was left.

Yuffie is immensely fast, roughly tied with Tifa and Red XIII in terms of pure combat speed. She dodges quickly, attacks like lightning, and can jump between enemies and safety with ease.

On the flip side of this is that because of that immense speed, Yuffie is quite fragile, sharing defense and health more akin to Aerith . This means you need to be good at evading attacks to survive .

Yuffie is also easily the character with the most aerial capabilities, able to leap to any flying enemy by following them with her star.

She can dominate the battlefield with how swiftly she moves between land and sky, but it requires expert use of her Throwing Star to do so.

Limit Breaks

Yuffie has three Limit Breaks, with the second becoming usable after she has increased her Max Limit Level by using specific Synergy Abilities during combat, and the third by reaching Limit Level three.

Yuffie Limit Breaks


Bloodbath, a level one Limit Break that has Yuffie dash at the enemy, performing a series of spinning strikes with her throwing star.

Inexorable End

Inexorable End, a level two Limit Break that has Yuffie pound the enemy with immense blows, dealing high damage and significant stagger.


Devastation, a level three Limit Break that has Yuffie pierce an enemy, dealing incredible damage and massive stagger.

Throwing Stars And Ninjutsu Explained

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Yuffie Combat Guide

Throwing Stars

Owing to her ninja heritage, Yuffie is adept with her Throwing Star, making it an essential tool in her moveset. With it in hand, she can assault the enemy with rapid physical strikes while still retaining the ability to break away with ease.

Major to her manoeuvrability is Yuffie's ability to throw her Throwing Star. Once thrown, it latches onto the enemy it was aimed at and follows them across the battlefield. It also continually damages that enemy for a small amount of physical damage.

Keep in mind that if the enemy moves too rapidly, the Throwing Star will instead remain in place.

This allows Yuffie to keep one enemy soft-locked at all times. She can focus on another enemy while still dealing damage to the first. Yuffie can then easily jump back to the first enemy by retrieving her Throwing Star with 'Triangle', immediately swapping back to her physical moveset.


While physical attacks and Throwing Stars make up half of Yuffie's capabilities, Ninjutsu makes up the other. Any time the Throwing Star is thrown at any enemy, Yuffie swaps to ranged Ninjutsu attacks, which deal magic damage.

If Yuffie throws her Star while in the air, she will still perform short-range physical attacks. As such, it is best to keep the Throwing Star in hand while performing aerial combat.

This means Yuffie can be both an effective physical and magic attacker.

This Ninjutsu hits fast and hard and can easily be cancelled to dodge. It also ties into Yuffie's Elemental Ninjutsu ability, which allows her to imbue her Ninjutsu attacks with an element of her choice.

This means even without the Materia she so covets, she can cover all elemental weaknesses with her base moveset.

The ground pound attack she does by holding Square while her Throwing Star is away will always deal non-elemental damage, regardless of the element assigned to her Ninjutsu.

Yuffie's Weapons

Despite appearing later in the game, Yuffie can still acquire a total of seven weapons just like every other party member, starting with two by default. Yuffie is already a jack-of-all-trades by default, though her weapons still let her hone in on certain playstyles.



Proficiency Bonus

4-Point Shuriken

Elemental Ninjutsu

Exploit an enemy's weakness with Elemental Ninjutsu.

Savage Dagger


Finish off an enemy.

Twin Viper


Strike two or more enemies.

Bird Of Prey


Finish off an enemy while the clone is present.

Crescent Sickle

Shooting Star

Strike two or more enemies.

Crystalline Cross


Strike an enemy with a Level Three attack.

Fuma Shuriken


Strike an enemy with a Level Three attack.

Her weapons grant her a variety of boosts, whether you want to focus on maximised stats or more Materia slots. In keeping with character, you'll probably want extra Materia slots.

Yuffie's Ability List

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Yuffie Combat Guide

While every character has their own abilities, Yuffie's are focused much more on utility than pure damage dealing. Some still deal immense damage, but that is typically a consequence of another benefit of her abilities rather than their sole purpose.



Art Of War

Yuffie performs spinning strikes with her Throwing Star, increasing the damage of following attacks. It turns into the more powerful Supreme Art Of War if used during this period.

Brumal Form

Yuffie performs a last-minute dodge by deploying a decoy. If used correctly, you will also gain ATB.

Elemental Ninjutsu

This allows Yuffie to assign the elements of Fire, Ice, Wind, or Lightning to her Ninjutsu.


This ability can be used in just about every scenario, such as recoiling from an attack or cancelling another animation, with Yuffie following up with a powerful strike. It's perfect to use when Yuffie is incapacitated in some form.


This move functions like the Aero spell, with Yuffie creating a large area-of-effect wind attack around her that drags in enemies and deals wind damage.


Yuffie temporarily summons a clone to fight alongside her, who will mimic any move she performs with a slight delay.

Shooting Star

Yuffie throws her Star, letting it glide across the battlefield to damage any enemy it comes in contact with. She will use Ninjutsu until it returns or is recalled.


Banishment has Yuffie perform a Ninjutsu attack that deals area-of-effect damage proportionate to how much it is charged. It can be charged up to three levels, increasing with every command used other than Banishment or Purification. The element of the attack is determined by your Elemental Ninjutsu.


Purification has Yuffie perform a Ninjutsu attack that saps the HP and MP of enemies and restores it to her, with the amount restored proportionate to how much it is charged. It can be charged up to three levels, increasing with every command used other than Banishment or Purification.

Storm's Fury

This ability has Yuffie assail enemies with a furious series of blows for an absurd amount of damage. However, it requires three ATB bars to perform, meaning you must activate United Refocus with an ally first.


Obtained through folios, this Fire magic attack hits multiple enemies without using up MP.

Snow Flurry

Obtained through folios, this Ice magic attack hits multiple enemies without using up MP.

Static Shock

Obtained through folios, this Lightning magic attack hits multiple enemies without using up MP.

Wind Current

Obtained through folios, this Wind magic attack hits multiple enemies without using up MP.

Yuffie can also gain a variety of elemental moves through folios, though these are less essential to her due to the elemental Ninjutsu part of her base abilities.

Yuffie's Synergy Skills And Abilities

Synergy Skills and Abilities are a great way of giving Yuffie more character while also expanding her combat possibilities even further.

While it can be easy to confuse the two, Synergy Skills refers to the abilities performed between partners at any time in battle.

Synergy Abilities refers to the Limit Break-adjacent moves that can only be performed once both participants have gained sufficient Synergy Bits .

Synergy Skills

Synergy Skill


Shuriken Sync

This has Yuffie throw her star at an enemy and have her partner target them. This also activates her Ninjutsu.

Ninja Bazooka

This skill has Yuffie dodge an attack at the last minute before her partner flings her forward. This delivers a counterattack if timed correctly.


Yuffie charges up a Ninjutsu attack with the help of her partner, dealing more damage the longer it is held. The element (and name) of this attack is determined by her active elemental Ninjutsu.

Rather than covering her weaknesses, Yuffie's Synergy Skills instead let her allies get involved in her strengths.

Synergy Abilities

Synergy Ability


Maelstrom Strike

Yuffie and Cloud strike a single enemy together, raising both of their Limit Levels afterward.

Halcyon Descent

Yuffie and Cloud leap into the air to land blows on an enemy, increasing the potency and length of an already staggered enemy.

Ninja Carbine

Yuffie and Barret perform a paired ranged attack, with Barret's bullets fired through Yuffie's Ninjutsu. This raises their Limit level.

Cyclonic Kick

Yuffie and Tifa use their combined strength to drive the Throwing Star into the air, increasing the potency and strength of an already staggered enemy.

Mystic Multiplication

Aerith creates clones of Yuffie which run across the battlefield attacking all enemies around them. This gives them unlimited MP for a brief while.

Hack And Slash

Red XIII and Yuffie attack the enemy together with a flurry of blows, raising both of their Limit Levels.

United Refocus

Yuffie and her partner focus together so that they both have their ATB bar split into three segments.

Moogle Pinwheel

Yuffie and Cait Sith attack as a pair, laying waste to enemies around them with Ninja skills. This grants the duo unlimited MP.

With all of Yuffie's moves in mind, both her own and those shared with her allies, it is clear that masterful use of her two modes allows her to dominate the battlefield so effectively.

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