Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 3 — How To Slide Across Vehicles

The Fortnite island has a sneaky way of asking players to do absurd tasks. From dancing in front of statues to sliding across vehicles, the game is here to make sure you're never straying away from all kinds of quests. One of these requires you to slide across the top of a vehicle, and this may seem a bit tricky to do.

However, pulling this off doesn't take more than a few seconds. Fortnite's sprinting, sliding, and jumping mechanics are what you need, and combining these will ensure that you're done with this quest in no time. Upon completion, the quest rewards you with 15,000 XP.

Where To Find Vehicles

Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 3 - How To Slide Across Vehicles

To prevent wasting any time mid-game and risking your character's survivability, it's best to be aware of where you're heading. Before you connect to a match, head to the Quests tab and track this quest. Next, mark the location that allows you to quickly obtain a vehicle the moment you land.

This should be away from any hot drop, giving you ample time to complete the quest without interruption. Heading to a Gas Station is your best bet, as this lets you get a vehicle quickly, also allowing you to add mods to it.

In case you're having trouble finding a peaceful spot, it's always advisable to hire an NPC that has your back while you can focus on the task at hand.

How To Slide Across A Vehicle

Now that you've got yourself a shiny vehicle, it's best to head to a secluded location where no opponents can disrupt the next steps. Step out, and make sure the vehicle is right in front of you (a few meters away should be fine). Start sprinting towards it, jump, and then slide across the vehicle's roof.

Sliding across the roof gives your character enough space and momentum to complete this quest if you're not able to get this in a single try, worry not! Make sure you repeat the process until the quest is dealt with.

Remember to gain enough momentum before jumping onto the vehicle, otherwise sliding across the top won't be possible.

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