Fortnite: How To Find And Destroy Cabbage Carts

My cabbages!

Fortnite: How To Find And Destroy Cabbage Carts

As the Avatar Elements event continues in Fortnite, there seems to be an influx of cabbage sellers across the island looking to sell you their wares. Thankfully, multiple quests during the event invite you to destroy the cabbage stands, which are plentiful around the map.

Essentially, no matter where you land on the island, you'll be a couple of hundred meters away from a cabbage stand, if not r. There is at least one stand at every major POI and even a handful that are located at smaller spots you can land that won't be as crowded at the start of the match.

How To Find And Destroy Cabbage Carts

Fortnite: How To Find And Destroy Cabbage Carts

There are over two dozen cabbage carts across the island, so you won't have a hard time finding one as long as you can avoid being eliminated. That being said, the carts aren't marked by any quest they're a part of, which makes finding them that much harder.

To find the cabbage carts, look for open plazas and pathways that others might take. For the quests that ask you to destroy a cabbage cart, simply deal damage to it until it breaks and drops several cabbages.

Nearest POI


Pleasant Piazza

On the smaller beach to the southwest of Pleasant Piazza.

In the right center plaza, out in the open.

At the shipping center along the road east of Pleasant Piazza.

Directly across the river north of Pleasant Piazza, under the purple tree on the bank.

Snooty Steppes

Outside a home on the raised northeast platform.

Grim Gate

On the southwest edge of Grim Gate.

The Underworld

The northeast side of The Underworld, on a stone platform.

In the southern middle part of The Underworld, near the entrance of the hanging walkway.

Rebel's Roost

In the northwest part of the fenced-in area, at the base of a woman's statue.

Lavish Lair

In the courtyard, past the gate, where the cars are kept.

At the train station southeast of Lavish Lair.

Restored Reels

In the open area to the east of the seating area.

At a gas station following the main road to the east.

At a fruit vendor following the main road to the south.

Fencing Fields

Near the front of the home, on the east side.

Classy Courts

On the southeast side of Classy Courts, outside the southernmost field.

Reckless Railways

In the plaza in front of the building to the southeast of the POI.

At the rest stop along the road heading east, just outside the POI.

At the building east and then north, heading out of Reckless Railways.

Grand Glacier

Outside the front of the main building, across the road.

Mount Olympus

In a smaller building northeast of Mount Olympus and south of Grand Glacier.

Outside the main entrance to the east of Mount Olympus.

South of the large covering in the middle of Mount Olympus.

At the Olympus 'entrance' along the main road east of the POI.

Brawler's Battleground

On the northeast side of the POI.

As long as you're looking out for enemies, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a cabbage stand (or multiple!) throughout your match.

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