Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin

The Tiny Vermin is a king now and he makes a comeback in Hades 2. Learn everything you need to defeat Uh-Oh.

Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin

In Hades 2, Melinoe fights all sorts of monstrosities, be it a one-eyed Cyclops, a three-headed beast, or a small-sized rat. The Tiny Vermin boss from the first game, who was a nightmare for Zagreus, now returns to scare Melinoe in the sequel.

King Vermin, also known as Uh-Oh, is one of the rarest encounters in the game. Most mini-bosses do not have a nameplate or health bar visible in the HUD. However, King Vermin has one. That's why we consider it an optional major boss — one that is not tied to the story but still has some significance.

King Vermin Attack Patterns

Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin



Charged Rush

King Vermin charges and rushes to the spot where Melinoe stands. A glowing animation gives away that the boss is about to do this attack.


King Vermin screams and a red pulsing icon appears around it. This attack, like the previous one, sends the boss charging at Melinoe but at a shorter distance. The attack deals more damage than the regular charged rush attack.

Wretched Pest Summons

Once you have depleted around 30 percent of the boss's health, King Vermin summons armored minions called Wretched Pest. The armored minions throw bombs and deal AoE damage. A circle on the floor indicates a bomb's location and the fuse time.

Jump Slam

If King Vermin stays too to Melinoe for a short time, he will do a jump slam attack, dealing medium-sized AoE damage.

King Vermin Location

Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin

King Vermin's boss encounter can be found while exploring the second biome called Oceanus in the game. If you have never found this boss battle in your playthrough, you must keep visiting this biome and always enter boss rooms. These areas have a boon image on the top with a skull icon below.

How To Beat King Vermin Uh-Oh

King Vermin is one of the easiest boss encounters in the game. It has a limited number of attacks and its health pool is smaller when compared to other enemies. You may find some mini-boss encounters, such as Phantoms in Fields of the Mourning, Goldwrath in Tartarus, and Shadow-Spillers in Erebus, much more challenging than this one.

King Vermin's charged rush attack is easy to spot because ithas slow animation. You should dodge to either the left or right side to get out of harm's way and then land a few attacks, before retreating to a safe distance.

Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin

Right after its scream attack, it will propel itself towards Melinoe. Again, you can dodge this easily but if you don't, you will get hit harder than with the regular charged attack we mentioned above.

The only time King Vermin poses a threat is when Wretched Pest enemies are summoned. These foes throw bombs that are visible by a pulsating circle on the ground. While you can use dodge to get out of a circle, you may just land in another one with not enough time to escape the explosion, so always be mindful of where you land.

The best strategy in defeating Wretched Pest is to keep moving and hitting targets on the fly. If you stand at one spot , you will get bombarded by explosions as all foes throw the bombs at Melinoe's location . Changing the spot will ensure the bombs are spread out wide open in the boss arena.

Hades 2: How To Beat King Vermin

Lastly, the boss does a jump slam attack that deals AoE damage. You can counter this by not letting the boss get too to you.

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