Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

Here is how to beat the blind Cyclops in Hades 2 and save the innocent sheep.

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

In Hades 2, Melinoe fights bosses on the surface and in the Underworld. Each boss has unique attack patterns and phases. General knowledge about the attacks and how-to-beat strategy goes a long way in defeating them, as you do runs in the game.

Polyphemus is one of the bosses that look harmless at first but hits very hard. His attacks are not many and most of these are derivatives of the basic ones. Still, underestimating this foe will prove fatal, and Melinoe will die again and again if you do not master what is coming for you in the boss fight.

Hades 2 is in Early Access on Steam . The content in the final version of the game is subject to change. We will update this article as required after the game comes out of the Early Access.

Polyphemus Attack Patterns

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus




Polyphemus jumps and lands with both feet on a spot, creating an AoE wave whose radius increases away from the boss.

Kick Wave

Polyphemus launches a kick that sends a one-directional wave.

Boulder Throw

Polyphemus jumps and throws a rock at Melinoe's last known position, causing a shockwave that increases in radius but fades along the way.


If Melinoe gets too to the Polyphemus, he raises his right arm and slams the fist down to grab her. He will try to eat Melinoe.

Lubber Summons

Polyphemus summons four or five Lubber enemies when 70 percent of his health remains. The foes will throw explosive barrels, creating fire pools on impact. Sometimes, he also summons Shamblers along with Lubbers.

Shambler Summons

If Polyphemus's health drops below 50 percent, he will summon five Shamblers without armor. These are slow units that only deal damage when Melinoe gets .

Armored Unit Summons

Polyphemus will once again summon more units with armor, most likely Shamblers, when the boss's health drops to 30 percent. He will summon nearly seven Shamblers this time, and all of them will be armored.

All Sheep Types

Besides the attack patterns we mentioned above, you can find the following variations of sheep in the Polyphemus boss fight:

  • White sheep
  • Golden sheep
  • Green sheep
  • Black sheep

Each boss fight in the game has a certain variation if you fight a boss several times. To encounter all the sheep types in the game, you must beat Polyphemus multiple times .

Polyphemus will try to eat all the sheep types even if it hurts.

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

Sheep Type

What They Do

White Sheep

The white sheep is the most common type that occurs in many encounters. This sheep roams the boss arena, and the Cyclops grab and devour it to replenish its lost health.

Golden Sheep

The golden sheep has a magical cast around it, and it tries to run around Polyphemus. Whenever you use the cast attack, the sheep's magic will negate it. This sheep type will drain Polyphemus's health if the boss eats it.

Green Sheep

The green sheep is the rotten one, and it chases Melinoe, hits her when it is too , and applies a daze status effect. Even though Polyphemus calls it rotten meat and smelly sheep, the boss still eats it and loses HP.

Black Sheep

The black sheep explodes on impact near Melinoe. However, the sheep does not explode when it is near the boss. Polyphemus will try to devour this one too, and instead of getting the lost health, his health will deplete a little.

Polyphemus Location

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

You will encounter the Polyphemus boss in the City of Ephyra on the surface. The boss's location appears right after Charon's shop after you take down a barrier that stops you from advancing through the city.

How To Beat Polyphemus

Polyphemus is a blind cyclops that relies on its hearing to attack Melinoe. He jumps and lands in position wherever she moves, creating a shockwave originating from the Cyclops's feet.

The shockwave grows and moves away from the origin point. Anytime Melinoe touches the circle, she receives some damage. This is the go-to attack method of Polyphemus that he repeats through the boss fight.

Sometimes, the boss will throw a kick attack into the mix. This attack, like the AoE one, sends a shockwave but in the direction of the kick. The best way to dodge is to input the dodge button on time and go either on the left or right side of the kick.

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

Since Polyphemus is blind and heavily relies on hearing, he will occasionally pick up a boulder from the ground, jump in the air, and throw it at the last known position of Melinoe. "Spotted" is the cue that becomes visible on the screen, indicating that Polyphemus will throw the boulder at this spot.

You can easily dodge the boulder throw attack if you constantly move or run. However, if you cast an omega attack and Polyphemus launches this attack, then you could get hit by it.

If you get too to the boss throughout the fight, he will try to grab Melinoe and eat her . This commonly happens when the Cyclops is looking for a sheep to eat to replenish its health.

You will see a similar animation of raising an arm followed by a punch in the ground, causing a small shockwave around Polyphemus. This also gets triggered when you try to attack the boss from very range.

That is why the best strategy to beat Polyphemus is to always remain at medium-to-long-range distance.

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

Polyphemus also summons Lubbers that constantly chase you and hit you with exploding fire barrels. Even if you dodge the barrels, they explode and leave a fire pool in that spot. All the while, Polyphemus continues to do AoE and throw a boulder at you.

The best strategy here would be to eliminate the summoned creatures first and then focus on Polyphemus. Ranged specials, attacks, and casts will help greatly in defeating extra enemies faster.

Hades 2: How To Beat Polyphemus

After summoning the Lubbers, if you defeat them and continue dealing damage to Polyphemus, he will then summon the Shamblers.

These spawned foes will be summoned with full health and shields.

These Shamblers make the boss fight tougher than it needs to be, so picking targets one by one should always be prioritized instead of attacking the main boss.

Lastly, if you see sheep spawning other than the white one, let Polyphemus devour them. Each sheep will hurt the boss, and it will passively aid Melinoe in killing Polyphemus.

Other sheep types are not killable except for the black sheep , which explodes when Melinoe is . The only way to eliminate these is to let Polyphemus devour them.

Always maintain distance from Polyphemus, dodge his AoE attacks, and constantly attack from a range. Keep doing this, and the boss will be defeated in a few minutes. Every time you defeat Polyphemus, you will get one wool item as a reward.

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