Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

Here is how to complete the Command Bunkers mission on the highest difficulty in the game.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

The Automatons in Helldivers 2 are advanced enemies of Super Earth with an ambition to destroy organic life once and for all. While most missions that helldivers go against the bots involve destroying gunships and bot fabricators, the command bunkers pose an equal threat and must be met with might.

The Automaton Command Bunkers are more fortified points of interest during the longer missions. There is increased enemy presence, which requires a proper strategy to infiltrate and destroy the bunker. This guide entails how to destroy Command Bunkers in the game and damage the ranks of the bot army for good.

Understanding The Mission Design

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

Similar to most Automaton-occupied points of interest, such as a Stratagem Jammer or Detector Towers, the Command Bunkers are another mission objective that must be destroyed. This is a fortified base containing every possible defense the bots have laid out to stop helldivers from infiltrating.

You will usually find one entrance from the front of the Command Bunkers with a few bots posted on the mounted machine guns. There will also be land mines laid out at the front to blow up helldivers on first contact.

Even if you kill bots in the Command Bunkers POI, there will be at least two Automaton Fabricators in each base to make more bots. Unless you do not destroy the fabricators, you will always find more bots to deal with, and some will call reinforcements that could range from Hulks, Devastators, Rocket Devastators, Tanks, and even the AT-AT Factory Strider.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

On top of all of this, the Command Bunker has four mounted plasma turrets that have the potential to one-shot you. If you get too to the Bunker, you will find machine guns on the Bunker's walls. Other than these two weapon systems, the Command Bunker does not have other defenses to stop you from destroying it.

Best Stratagems For Command Bunkers Mission

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

Understanding the overall scenario regarding the Command Bunkers mission is half the picture. The other half is picking the best strategies to destroy this POI and complete the objective. The Command Bunkers are armored, and not every strategy can penetrate and blow them up.

LAS-99 Quasar Cannon

The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon is the perfect stratagem to pick while playing the Command Bunkers mission. The mounted turrets at the top of each Bunker can fire and kill your squad from a very long distance. You need a high firepower support weapon that can destroy it, and the Quasar Cannon is it.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

Each Command Bunker has four mounted turrets, and you get nearly seven seconds cooldown on the Quasar Cannon before you can fire again. If you are on the high ground and can potentially see all the turrets of a Command Bunker, you can blow each of them all in almost 30 seconds.

This helps you and your teammates to assault the Command Bunker POI without worrying about getting one-shot by the mounted turrets.

Other than these turrets, you will need the Quasar Cannon to destroy the Hulk, Tanks, and Factory Striders that also spawn throughout the mission.

Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods

While the Quasar Cannon is more than capable of destroying heavy armored enemies such as the Hulks and Tanks during the Command Bunker mission, sometimes you need a slightly higher firepower. For this, the Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods are best as they have the potential to one-shot heavy-armored foes instantly.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

The best part of using the Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods is the reliability and faster call in time. It hardly takes less than five seconds for the Eagle Fighter jets to drop rocket pods on a target, dealing a killing blow quickly.

While using the Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods can blow up the mounted turrets on top of the Command Bunkers, we recommend you reserve this stratagem for Hulks and Tanks only. Those pose a much greater threat if they get dropped by drop ships inside or near the Command Bunker base.

Eagle Airstrike

The Eagle Airstrike is, without a doubt, one of the best aggressive stratagems to use for wiping away enemies concentrated in an area. The bombs dropped by Eagle Jets blow everything in sight, including the heavy armored foes like the Hulks, Tanks, and Factory Striders.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

However, even with all the might the Eagle Airstrike has, you cannot use it to destroy the Command Bunkers easily. One single use of this stratagem would blow up all the mounted turrets at the top of a Command Bunker but not the Bunker itself.

You will also need to throw the Eagle Airstrike stratagem onto a Command Bunker from a distance. Otherwise, this could kill you or the entire squad if used nearby.

Equipping the Servo-Assisted armor will increase throw range by 30 percent , and you can throw the Eagle Airstrike stratagem even while staying much further away from the Command Bunker.

Orbital Laser

While the Eagle Airstrike is excellent for crowd control, it is essentially useless against the Command Bunker. You need a higher firepower stratagem that can blow up the Command Bunker in one go, and the Orbital Laser is the perfect pick for this task.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

The Orbital Laser targets foes according to the threat level. Enemies with heavy armor get targeted by this massive laser first. That is, whenever you throw the Orbital Laser stratagem near the Command Bunker, it will automatically target the Bunker and not the smaller bots near it.

However, we recommend you throw the Orbital Laser at the top of a Command Bunker or very to it. This is because there are multiple Automaton Fabricators as well in this POI, and the Orbital Laser could target them, too, which could potentially waste the charge usage.

Do not waste your Orbital Laser other than using these on the Command Bunkers during this mission type. You only get to use the Orbital Laser three times per mission, and there are four Command Bunkers during this mission. Using it on patrols and side objectives will take away the edge of destroying the Bunkers safely from a distance.

Strategy To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission On Helldive Difficulty

The go-to strategy to destroy Automaton Command Bunker is to call in the mission stratagem called Hellbomb. This will become available to you after getting to the bunker. However, you must take down the defenses first, which stops you from reaching the Bunker itself.

At the Helldive difficulty, you will be swarmed with reinforcements often as you try to infiltrate this Bunker. Tanks, Hulks, and Factory Striders will drop frequently. Going in with guns blazing is the only way to destroy the Command Bunker, and the Stealth build is not an option here.

That is why you should always assault the Command Bunkers with at least three helldivers, if not all four. You need the might of all offensive stratagems and support weapons to break through enemy defenses, call in the Hellbomb, and get out before the Bunker blows and takes you with it.

Helldivers 2: How To Complete Destroy Command Bunkers Mission

Always destroy the mounted turrets first before attacking the Command Bunkers. If no enemy in the base knows of your location, which you give away when you attack the Bunker, the turrets cannot shoot you consistently. This will significantly reduce the chances of you or your teammates dying frequently.

You must always destroy the Stratagem Jammer Towers first if they block you from using the stratagems. You will have little to no success in destroying the Command Bunkers if your stratagems are blocked by a nearby Stratagem Jammer Tower. Make it a priority first, then approach the Bunker.

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