Helldivers 2: How To Use The Expendable Anti-Tank

Make Chargers go boom.

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Expendable Anti-Tank

Feeling like a glorified target dummy in Helldivers 2? Do Cyborg Legions and Killer Bugs laugh as they stomp you into the dirt? This guide will turn you from a frag-happy liability into a one-launcher wrecking crew, capable of leaving even the most heavily armored enemies weeping into their cooling fluid.

We're talking about the Expendable Anti-Tank (EAT-17), a one-shot wonder that embodies the Helldiver spirit perfectly: disposable, powerful, and guaranteed to cause collateral damage (sometimes to yourself, but that's beside the point). We'll explore how to obtain the Expendable Anti-Tank, hope to use it, and importantly, how to maximize its impact. Let's dive in.

How To Get The Expendable Anti-Tank

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Expendable Anti-Tank

The EAT-17 isn't a weapon you carry around all mission long. Instead, it's a Stratagem Support weapon. This means you'll need to be at least Level Three to unlock it on the Starship before deploying.

How To Use The Expendable Anti-Tank

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Expendable Anti-Tank

Once you've unlocked it, equip the EAT-17 Stratagem on your loadout. During a mission, when you see a high-priority target like a Bile Titan or Charger, deploy the Stratagem with a tap of a button. A pod will drop containing two EAT-17 launchers.

These are the button inputs:




  • Aim: L2
  • Fire: R2


  • Aim: right-click
  • Fire: left-click

Here's the key thing to remember: you only get one shot per launcher. Make it count! Here's how to maximize your EAT-17 usage:

  • Primarily focus on large, heavily armored enemies. The EAT-17 packs a punch, but it's overkill for smaller fries. Save it for the Bile Titans, Annihilator Tanks, or maybe a pesky Charger if it's causing major problems.
  • Line up your shot carefully. Unlike some other weapons, the EAT-17 doesn't have fancy targeting systems. Use the iron sights and make sure you hit your target.
  • For some enemies, like the Bile Titan, you might consider combining the EAT-17 with another weapon. Fire the EAT-17 first, then switch to a Railgun or another powerful weapon to exploit the weak point you created.

The EAT-17 is disposable. After firing, you'll toss the launcher. Because of this, the EAT-17 has a relatively short cooldown, so you can call in another pair of launchers fairly quickly. However, use them wisely!

While the EAT-17 is great against heavily armored targets, here are some additional tips:

  • You can also use the EAT-17 to take down enemy dropships. Aim for the engines to disable them before they deploy troops.
  • While the EAT-17 is powerful early on, you might find other weapons like the Railgun more versatile later in the game. Still, the EAT-17 remains a solid option for those "oh no!" moments when a big enemy threatens your squad.
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