Helldivers 2: How To Use The Railgun

Charge for maximum impact but beware of overloading.

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Railgun

Ever dreamt of a weapon so powerful it could instantly stop a Terminid… and blow up in your face in the process? Then say hello to the Railgun, Helldivers 2's answer to stubborn enemies. Its heavy armor penetrating capabilities and unique charge-up make it a unique Strategem Support weapon to have.

This beauty packs a punch stronger than an angry Bile Titan, but mastering it requires finesse. Buckle up, troops, because we're about to dissect the Railgun, from how to snag this beast to unleashing hellfire (with minimal friendly fire, hopefully). Here's what you need to know. Let's dive in.

How To Get The Railgun

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Railgun

The RS-422 Railgun is a powerhouse weapon, but it's not available right from the start. You'll need to unlock it before you can unleash its destructive potential. Here's how to get your hands on it::

  • The Railgun becomes available for purchase once you reach Level 20. Keep grinding through missions and objectives to gain experience and unlock this weapon.
  • Once unlocked, the Railgun will cost a hefty 10,000 requisition points. Save up your points earned from completing missions and defeating enemies.

How To Use The Railgun

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Railgun

When aiming down sights on the Railgun, you'll gather a charge. A full charge signifies maximum damage. Here are the buttons you'll need to use to use it:




  • Aim/Charge: hold R2
  • Fire: L2


  • Aim/Charge: hold right-click
  • Fire: left-click

The Railgun boasts incredible firepower, but it comes with unique mechanics — safe and unsafe mode. Here's how to wield them:

Firing Modes

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Railgun

  • Safe Mode (Default): This is your go-to mode for quick shots. It deals moderate damage but charges rapidly.
  • Unsafe Mode (High Risk, High Reward): Hold the designated button (R on PC, Square on PS5) while the weapon is equipped to activate unsafe mode. This lets you unleash a supercharged shot for devastating damage.

While unsafe mode offers immense power, it comes with a danger zone. If you overcharge the Railgun, it'll explode, causing damage to yourself and any nearby teammates. Aim for a full charge but be mindful of the meter to avoid self-inflicted injuries.

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