Helldivers 2: How To Use The Supply Pack

Keep your squad supplied with stims, grenades, and ammo via the supply pack.

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Supply Pack

The field combat in Helldivers 2 becomes intense whenever you approach a mission or side objective. The greater the difficulty, the more bugs or bots appear at a certain objective as you complete it. In tiring times like this, having a full supply of stims, grenades, and ammunition is vital.

You can restock the lost supplies by picking them from POIs or calling down the Resupply Pod, a mission stratagem. Or you can keep yourself mobile by wearing the supply pack backpack and restocking on the go. This guide entails using the supply pack effectively in the field.

How To Use Supply Pack

The B-1 supply pack can be used in two ways: you can use it on yourself or give it to a teammate.

Pressing the "5" input key on the keyboard or pressing the down button on the D-pad of your PlayStation 5 or Xbox controller will consume one supply on your Helldiver.

On the other hand, pressing the "E" key input on the keyboard or the "X" button input on the PlayStation 5 controller will give one supply to your teammate.

Every time you consume one cache from your supply pack, you will get the following resources back:

  • Two Stims
  • Two Grenades
  • Empty magazines of Primary and Secondary guns
  • Half of the empty magazines of support weapons (if carrying any)

How To Refill The Supply Pack

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Supply Pack

Each supply pack comes with four packages that replenish grenades, stims, and ammunition for primary, secondary, and support weapons. Once you have depleted all the resources in the pack, you need to refill it.

To refill the resources, you can call in and equip a new supply pack after the stratagem has completed the cooldown timer. Or, you can call down a Resupply Pod and loot the supply caches from it. This action will also replenish the supplies in your pack.

Why Use The Supply Pack?

Helldivers 2: How To Use The Supply Pack

The Resupply Pod is a mission stratagem that gives you four supply caches whenever you call it. While this is a go-to method to restock the resources of your Helldivers, it is not a mobile unit.

On the other hand, the supply pack is a backpack item that allows your diver to carry resources and use them anytime on the go. The best case usage of the supply pack will be to use it between objectives, especially when your squad is running from completing one objective to approaching an active one.

The best support build using the supply pack will give your squad all the tools to fight with and never worry about running out of stims to recover from Hulk's fire or throwing grenades through an Automaton Fabricator's vents.

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