How To Change Your Guardian’s Appearance In Destiny 2

Learn how to change your Guardian’s appearance with this short guide.

How To Change Your Guardian's Appearance In Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Into the Light has added the ability to customize your Guardian's appearance at any time, free of charge. If you want to adjust your character's appearance or body type, it's easier than ever. No longer will players need to delete their Guardian just to change a small aspect of their appearance.

In this short guide, we'll cover how you can access the Guardian appearance customization menu, and we'll give a brief overview of what each appearance tab offers. We will also answer some frequently asked questions surrounding this system since it is a fairly new addition to Destiny 2. If you made a character back in the Red War or the original Destiny and want to shake things up, now is the time to change their appearance.

How To Change Your Guardian's Appearance

How To Change Your Guardian's Appearance In Destiny 2

To change your Guardian's appearance, head to the character selection menu and press the "modify" key bind. By default, this is right click for PC, Y for Xbox users, and triangle on PlayStation. This will bring up the character creation menu.

From here, you can modify everything except your character's species—Human, Awoken, and Exo. Everything else can be changed.

  • Body Type
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Character Markings

Body Type adjusts your character's overall silhouette to fit a masculine or feminine build. Additionally, your choice of body type determines your character's voice type and pronouns. Masculine characters are referred to as he/him, while feminine characters are referred to as she/her. Both body types also have access to different marking options.

Face options consist of your general face structure, skin color, lip color, and eye color. There aren't many options within each subcategory, and no options exist to adjust individual aspects of your character's face—nose, jaw, cheek bones, etc.

Character faces were updated in Beyond Light. If you created your Guardian before then, we recommend looking through every face option again.

Hair does what you'd expect. You can change your character's hair style and color. No options for eyebrows, mustaches, or beards exist for either body type. Exos don't have hair, so they use head attachments instead.

Character Markings include options for makeup and tattoos for organic species (Humans and Awoken) and physical augments for Exos. You can also adjust the marking's color. Characters may only have one marking equipped.

Character Customization FAQ

How To Change Your Guardian's Appearance In Destiny 2

Is There A Character Customization Limit?

No, there isn't. You can adjust your character's appearance as much as you want. There's no currency required to use this feature.

Does Character Customization Cost Silver?

No. Changing your character's appearance doesn't cost anything.

Can You Change Your Character's Race?

You cannot. It is the only thing you cannot change about your Guardian. If you make an Exo, they will stay as an Exo forever.

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