Infection Free Zone: How To Get Tools

Learn how to get tools in Infection Free Zone!

Infection Free Zone: How To Get Tools

In Infection Free Zone, you’ll dive headfirst into a post-apocalyptic world where your survival depends on the actions you take every day. Utilizing real map data, you can establish your HQ in every region of the world. However, establishing your HQ is only the start.

To expand your base and continue working toward survival, you’ll need to build farms, warehouses, and more to help ensure you and your fellow survivors have everything you need. However, to build these key structures, you’ll need tools. In this guide, learn why tools are important and how to find them.

What Are Tools Used For?

Infection Free Zone: How To Get Tools

One of the first struggles you’ll come to know in Infection Free Zone—aside from the hordes of infected attempting to break into your HQ every night—is the need for materials. Whether you’re building structures from scratch, like towers, or adapting buildings into shelters and warehouses, you’ll need a variety of materials to make construction possible.

Tools, known as Basic tools in-game, are rare but important materials. They are necessary for building structures within your base such as farms.

How To Get Tools In Infection Free Zone

Infection Free Zone: How To Get Tools

There are two different ways to collect tools in the Infection Free Zone, by scavenging nearby buildings and by investing in a Tool Factory that can produce tools.

When you first begin playing, you will only have one option for getting tools; this is through scavenging, a mechanic you’ll unlock early on. However, while you may be able to easily secure canned food, ammunition, and other necessities around your HQ, finding tools can be more difficult.

You can use Scavenge View to get an idea of what supplies a building may have before using the time and resources to have your squad inspect it.

Tools can be rare when searching buildings, especially in some regions; when you come across a building denoted by a question mark in Scavenge View, you’re more likely to emerge with food and common supplies than tools. However, there are some buildings where tools may be more common, and most of the time these will be shown in Scavenge View.

Although tools can be difficult to find in the early portions of Infection Free Zone, it won’t need to be this way forever; instead, as you continue to progress, you’ll be able to build a Tool Factory. However, building a Tool Factory can be pricey, and it will take some time before you can unlock this option.

Research is an essential game mechanic. As the infection declines in this game, it will be the only way for society to survive and rebuild.

Before you can build your very own Tool Factory, you’ll need to build a Research Center. This can be completed after the quest to build an antenna.

As soon as you finish this quest, the option to build the Research Center will be unlocked. From here, you’ll be able to work toward constructing the Tool Factory, which requires 2 Scientific Materials.

Building an antenna will be available at different times for players, depending on whether or not you have story mode enabled. For those who do not, the quest will appear at the beginning of the game. For those who do, it should appear around day three after a walkie-talkie conversation.

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