Kingdom Come: Deliverance — How To Clean Clothing And Weapons

Discover how to clean clothing and weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Clean Clothing And Weapons

From the first missions to the last in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will constantly find yourself covered in dirt, grime, and blood as you struggle to make a name for yourself. While you might not mind being dirty and smelling bad, some of the surrounding villagers will treat you differently.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can get a clean pair of clothes, wash yourself, and polish your weapons without much trouble. As long as you can find a bathhouse or a polishing stone for your weapon, you can clean yourself up before continuing along on your adventures to get a foothold in the kingdom.

How To Clean Your Clothing And Yourself

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Clean Clothing And Weapons

There are different options for how to clean your clothes and yourself after a rough fight, depending on how much money you have. There are large circular troughs of water near many homes and businesses that you can use. Simply walk up to them and press the 'Use' button.

If your armor is broken, you may need to visit a blacksmith or use an 'Armourer's kit' before it can be fully cleaned.

Be warned that these troughs are the free option to clean yourself, and you won't get completely clean. That being said, it's better than nothing if you need a quick wash before a meeting, and it won't cost any of your Groschen.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Clean Clothing And Weapons

There are alternatives, however, such as the many bathhouses that can clean you, launder your clothes, heal your wounds, and give you a shave when you need one. However, this will cost money, with some of the services being bundled together for efficiency.


Cost in Groschen



Bath and Laundry


Heal, Bath, and Laundry






If you raise your reputation high enough, you can haggle with the bathhouse proprietor to make the prices cheaper, but these are the base.

You can find bathhouses in the major settlements, usually noticeable by the bright white tents that stick out.

There are four bathhouses located in major cities, including:

  • Along the pond in Talmberg
  • Next to the river in Ledetchko
  • West of the city's walls in Ratty
  • On the south side of the river, north of Sasau

These bathhouses can serve as great opportunities to rest your character while in the major cities, but it only affects your body, clothes, and armor..

How To Clean And Improve Your Weapons Quality

The easiest way to clean and improve a bladed weapon is to use the grindstones that can be found outside of blacksmith's shops and near places where soldiers or guards might be gathered. Once you've passed one, it will be marked on your map with a symbol of the device.

Apply enough pressure at the right angle to the grindstone to improve the blade. When using the grindstone, note that sparks mean you're doing good , and smoke means there is a wrong angle or too much pressure.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Clean Clothing And Weapons

If you need a lot of weapons or armor repaired, it may be worth asking a blacksmith to repair your gear. Alternatively, you can purchase a 'Blacksmith's kit' from a Blacksmith ahead of time to repair your weapon if the field is broken.

Blacksmiths can be found on the anvil map of locations in major cities, including:

Nearest City

Blacksmith Location


South of the main monastery building.


In the northern part of the city, just south of the bridge.


In the southern part of the city, across the river.


On the east side of the city, inside the walls.


Along the river east northwest out of the city.

The price required to repair your gear or get the repair kits may vary depending on damage and locality, so make sure you consider all your repair options before spending too much gold.

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