Kingdom Come: Deliverance — How To Get Spades

Here’s where to find a shovel in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Get Spades

From the beginning of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will need to find resources from armor to tools that can help further your quest. Near the end of the prologue, you'll have your first need for a spade and it might be unclear where you're supposed to find one without gold or any opportunity to speak to a quality trader.

Whether you keep the first spade you find or have to go looking for a new one at every opportunity, you'll be able to find a shovel when you know where to look. Keep your eyes peeled for them in the world and any other tools you might be able to take without upsetting the villagers.

Where To Find The Spade To Bury Your Parents

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Get Spades

When you finally make your way back to Skallitz and find your parents, you'll be tasked with finding a spade to bury them near your former home. Shortly after the cutscene where Henry discovers them, you'll start to hear a dog barking.

Don't forget to take the Saviour Schnapps and 'Bianca's Ring' off of Bianca a short distance away before you bury your parents.

Once you hear the barking, head toward the sound of the dog. You'll find one of your friends from an earlier mission standing off against the animal during a cutscene, after which point you can attempt to make your former ally leavethe shovel.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Get Spades

The above image shows the exact location of the shovel, to the north of Skalitz , just to the east of where the path comes down to join the town on the western side.

Whether through fighting them or when them leaving on their own, you'll see a shovel sticking out of the ground. Pick it up and then go back to your parents.

Where To Get Spades

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - How To Get Spades

After the first mission, it might be wise to hold onto the spade until you start unlocking more cities and shops. After the game's prologue, your best opportunity for finding spades is to purchase them from the blacksmiths that can be found shown as anvils with hammers throughout the map.

Major cities like Sasau, Rattay, and Monastery will have blacksmiths who will be able to sell you a spade for a handful of coins.

In a pinch, you can also find spades in common digging locations like graveyards or near fences, but these are much rarer than purchasing one.

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