Lego Fortnite: How To Defeat Bears

Discover how to find, avoid, and fight Bears in Lego Fortnite.

Lego Fortnite: How To Defeat Bears

The Farm Friends update of Lego Fortnite has added many new animals that you can befriend and add to your villages to produce valuable materials. On top of these friendly pets, Bears have also been added to the game, which are massive new enemies that can dish out some serious damage.

These Bears can be a good source of meat, but they will put up a serious fight before they are defeated. If you are curious about how to find, sneak around, or defeat these Bears in combat, check out the tips below.

Where To Find Bears

Lego Fortnite: How To Defeat Bears

There are currently two different kinds of Bears in the game, which each spawn in different biomes. The most common Bear you will find is the Brown Bear, which rests in the Grasslands Biome and has a brown coat.

The Frost Bear will spawn in the Frostland Biome, and has a white coat that matches its namesake. While both Bears contain the same loot, the Frost Bear will deal significantly more damage in combat.

How To Avoid Bears

Lego Fortnite: How To Defeat Bears

Unlike the other hostile enemies, Bears are sleepy animals, so they are constantly found napping out in the open. Since these beasts are so formidable in combat, it can be easier to sneak around them instead of taking them head-on.

To sneak around a sleeping Bear, you will need to activate the sneak key to make your character move slowly and quietly. Here are the default inputs for sneaking, but these controls can always be changed in the settings menu:

  • C Key — Keyboard And Mouse
  • Right Stick — Controller/Console

Remember that if a Bear is not sleeping, you will also need to stay out of their line-of-sight to avoid detection.

Another great way to avoid Bears is by using a vehicle, since these cars can quickly escape dangerous situations. If you are unlucky enough to get spotted by a Bear, then you should prepare for a fight, because these creatures can run faster than your character.

How To Fight Bears

Lego Fortnite: How To Defeat Bears

If you decide to fight a Bear, we recommend bringing the best weapons you currently own, upgraded charms, and some powerful healing items.Bears typically attack by swiping at you with their sharp claws, so remember to dodge these attacks if you want to get up and personal with a sword.

Other than using melee weapons, it may be easier to slowly whittle away at a Bear's health with a crossbow, since you can use this weapon to attack from a safe distance. You can also lead a Bear back to your village to get help from the inhabitants, but you run the risk of the Bear attacking your farm animals.

Whenever you defeat a Bear, it has a chance to drop the following materials:

  • Six to eight Meat
  • Small Fry
  • Orange Flopper
  • Green Flopper
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