Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

Discover everything there is to know about the lost moon Artifice.

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

The entire purpose of your existence in Lethal Company is to journey to different moons in pursuit of scrap for the mysterious company you're employed by. All the ones you can visit are listed in the directory in your ship's terminal – or are they?

It seems that some of the moons are hidden by former company employees, quite possibly on purpose, due to the danger they pose, but there are hints left out there for those curious enough to find them. One of these lost moons is known as Artifice, and we'll show you exactly how to reach this eerie, condemned moon.

How To Unlock 68-Artifice

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

At the time of this article, you'll need to have the Public Steam Beta enabled in order to access both Adamance and Artifice.

To get to Artifice and have it show up on the terminal, you'll need to discover its existence by finding and getting into the cabin on Adamance.

First, you'll need to obtain a key from any facility and bring it back with you to the ship before you leave. You can also bring it out with you or purchase a Lockpicker from the shop.

If you're planning to get a key on Adamance, watch out for the Forest Keepers , as they can spawn as early as 10AM .

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

The cabin you'll need is located in the small circular valley in the center of Adamance, and either use the Key to instantly unlock it or a Lockpicker on it, which will take 25 seconds to unlock.

Go to the back room of the cabin and look on the wall, and you'll get a hint of the moon you're looking for: writing that says 68-Art.

From there, go to the terminal when you're back on your ship and type in the word Art. This will give you the full name of the moon and allow you to fly to it for a total of 1,500 credits.

Once you know the name of Artifice , you can fly to it as soon as you want on any playthrough without needing to unlock the cabin .

How To Navigate Artifice

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

Hazard Level

Cost To Fly To

Possible Weather Conditions


1,500 Credits

Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, and Eclipsed

Artifice is a relatively small moon with a desolate environment that's taken up almost entirely by its complex, and four large warehouses that sit just outside the complex: the Hospital Warehouse, the Storage Warehouse, the Empty Warehouse, and the Inaccessible Warehouse.

Both the Hospital and Storage Warehouses can be entered through their main doors or a back door. The switch on the wall just inside the building allows you to or open the doors.

  • The Hospital Warehouse features a small office room and then a large room filled with hospital beds and screens.
  • The Storage Warehouse also has a small storage room and a catwalk that leads to the Empty Warehouse.

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

The Empty Warehouse can initially only be accessed via the entrance at the back or the Storage Warehouse, but its front doors can be opened with a switch like usual once you're inside.

While the Inaccessible Warehouse does have an open door at the back, it will always be blocked by a rock , no matter the terrain generation.

Besides the largest buildings, you can also find a small shack on the eastern side of the moon with a hole in the wall that you can go through by crouching. Use this to circle back around to your ship .

How To Find Artifice's Entrance And Fire Exit

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

The entrance to Artfice's main complex is directly north of the landing zone, and you can almost see it from where your ship lands. There's a relatively short path between it and the entrance, where you'll pass by the warehouses.

At nighttime, you can use the two large lights on the front of the complex as a landmark for where the building is and as an extra light source.

Despite the large complex size, its Fire Exit isn't hidden, and you can find it on the right side of the main complex building if you're facing the entrance.

If the weather condition is Flooded , both the main entrance and the Fire Exit can be quickly covered up with water, but the main entrance will be safer due to the slightly higher elevation.

Most Common Enemies Inside Artifice's Complex

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

While the inside of Artifice's complex is dangerous, it has a pretty even spawn rate for all the entities inside. You'll primarily see the Mansion as its interior, though the Factory interior does still have around a 23 percent chance of appearing.

Inside The Complex

There are a total of 14 entities that can spawn inside the complex, and most of them share the exact same spawn rate of around eight percent.

Mask Hornets are directly related to the Butler and only spawn once it's killed, so their spawn rate is dependent on if any Butlers spawn or not.


Spawn Chance



Bunker Spider




Mask Hornets

Dependent on the Butler.



Snare Flea


Hoarding Bug






Spore Lizard








Ghost Girl


Since the spawn rates are so even, you'll need to be prepared for anything, and it's worth it to have a stockpile of equipment you can pull from in case you die or need to distract one of the many enemies.

Because of the high Hazard Level , many enemies can spawn inside the complex, but not as many as other high-danger moons like Dine or Titan.

Overall, you'll want to watch out for the Bracken, Nutcracker, Thumper, and Jester the most, though having even a single Coil-Head can make evading other entities difficult, and the Mansion interior means most of the entitieshave a better chance at sneaking up on you.

The Butler can be an issue if you're running solo as they'll be much more aggressive and killing them spawns the unkillable Mask Hornets.

Most Common Enemies On Artifice's Surface

Lethal Company: Artifice Moon Guide

Outside the complex, you'll mainly run into the uniqueOld Bird entity, though other entities like the Earth Leviathan can spawn at a low chance.

Old Birds will always spawn at their location as soon as you load onto the moon, but they will stay in an inactive state until triggered by one of two means: once 3PM has passed on the world or someone has removed an Apparatus.

Unlike other hard moons like Rend, you'll be able to find daytime entities such as Manticoils and Circuit Bees at normal spawn rates.


Spawn Chance

Old Bird


Forest Keeper


Eyeless Dog


Baboon Hawk


Tulip Snake


Earth Leviathan


A minimum of three Old Birds can spawn and up to a maximum of 20 if the weather condition is Eclipsed, and it's inevitable they'll activate at some point, so the outside of Artifice is arguably more dangerous than inside.

Because of this, you'll want to make as much use of the warehouses as possible when leaving or entering the complex past 3PM.

Make sure to check the warehouses before 3PM as it's possible for Old Birds to spawn inside them even if the doors are shut.

The various rooms can be used as hiding places, and it's also possible to trap entities inside them by going into the warehouse, leading an entity to a secondary exit, then leaving through another exit, and finally running around to the front to use the switch and the doors.

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